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Countdown to your summer holiday

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Got something to look forward to this summer, but not sure how to help the kids understand when it is? Try our countdown chart, with a gorgeous summer theme - this way they'll know whehn it is and won't keep asking!

The Summer holiday is fast approaching. In fact, they are coming a little bit too quick for my liking, as I need to get myself into gear and plan work around the kids and going away!

Are you going away? Stuntboy and Chatterbox still get excited about going away, even now despite their feelings that holiday excitement is starting to be slightly less *cool.* This over excitement could result in many sleepless nights. Particularly when they didn’t understand when exactly the big day was.

There are still some sleepless nights these days. But that is mainly from me trying to cram everything in before we go….

Now though, we have a chart for EVERYONE, so we know when our holiday is going to be. May I present…


Most of our charts are great for getting kids to do chores, and helping you with challenges in your children, but this one is very good for specifically counting down the days until you go away on holiday; or indeed for anything related to a summer event.

Perhaps you aren’t going away, but the grandparents are coming to stay? Or maybe you are off on a special day out? Whatever it is, this chart provides a great way for the kids to cross of the days until the special time comes.

Best of all; these summer holiday charts are FREE just like all our other charts and printables on the site.

Maybe you could dream of the palm trees swaying away in the cool sea breeze, whilst your little ones are colouring in, oh, but mind the crabs, they may just nip at your feet!

The glorious sunshine in there will be certain to brighten up your days as your child colours each one in.  Start with Day 12 and work your way down to Day 1.

Whatever you are doing this summer holiday … make it a good one.  We would love to see some of your holiday pics so why not share them with us on our Facebook page when you get back?

Get ready for our 12 days of summer countdown with this chart to get you ready

Click to download

If you don’t fancy getting the kids to colour in – here is the version with all of the colouring done for you. Or perhaps they can copy it if they prefer?

Counting down to something fun to do with the kids this summer? Here' is a great chart to pin on the fridge to help them do it!

Click to Download

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Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you again soon.

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