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Jungle activity sheets

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Time for some crazy monkey business as we share this amazing set of Jungle activity sheets with you today! Lots of easy learning and fun for all ages.

Free Printable Jungle Activity Sheets

No matter what time of the year it is, jungle theme is always a hit with kids. Who doesn’t love a funky monkey or a striped zebra?

These Jungle activity sheets are full of easy learning, from counting, matching and maze solving to entertain your little ones the smart way.

You can even laminate these sheets and make them reusable.

It is super easy to print these activity sheets. To print all you need to do is to click on any of the five images you see bellow.

Monkey and Bananas Counting Activity Sheet

Let’s do some super easy math! First count the monkeys, then count the bananas. Add those two numbers up and write them down in a box. Some monkeys will eat a whole bunch of bananas, while others might even have to fight to get some for themselves, or, well share.

Zebra Matching Activity Sheet

Can you match the zebra? Take a good look at the zebra in the rectangle. Which one of the six zebra below the rectangle matches the one in it? Pretty hard one we think.

Spotting Zebra Activity Sheet

Did you know a group of zebra is called a dazzle? Pretty cool isn’t it? Or that zebra use their stripes to confuse lions? How handy is it not? On this activity sheet, zebra will use their strips to confuse you a little bit too, as you count them all. How many zebra can you spot? One, two, three…

Jungle Maze Activity Sheet

Watch out for the lions! Guide the impala to the watering hole by drawing a trail through the maze. Be extra careful as an encounter with the mighty lion might not end well.

Once done, why not also draw a trail from one lion to the other, we are sure they would have fun together.

Banana Tree Counting Activity Sheet

Time for numbers in the jungle! This Jungle activity sheets are all about counting. How many bananas are there in each bunch? Write your answers inside the boxes next to bananas. Whatever their number, we just know the monkey on the picture will be very, very happy.

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Printable Jungle Activity Sheets

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Wednesday 4th of November 2020


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