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Free Christmas activity book: With a mental health theme

We have a treat for you today, a brand new Christmas activity book with a wellbeing and positive mental health for kids focus. A perfect complement to our Christmas giveaways, and our free Kids Book Club; the Shelf Care Club. We have loads of free eBooks on the site for kids to have fun with, and last year’s Christmas Coloring pages for kids are still awesome as well. We don’t like taking the traffic for granted, so we’ve got more resources this year for you.

The image shows a promotional Christmas-themed graphic advertising a free Christmas Activity Book available for download at KiddyCharts, featuring festive colors and decorations.

There are 30 pages in this eBook, and we will introduce you them to you one by one, so you can see all the activities that we have lined up for your kids this Christmas, and beyond.

We are thinking about our feelings, both positive and negative with these Christmas activities

Day 1: Santa and his reindeer exploring feelings

Our first two pages are encouraging breathing and exploring the feelings that we have when we think about Christmas. Sometimes Christmas can be joyous, and other times, it can be a little sad, depending on what you think of when you think about it. Children can explore both positive and negative thoughts to help them learn to sit with them in these two activities.

Day 2 and 3: Gingerbread and snowman colouring

We have a couple of colouring and craft activities on day 2 and 3 to help kids to think about the expressions that we have when we are experiencing our emotions. You can also use the crafting activity to spend time thinking about things with your kids. Perhaps exploring some winter memories that your child had that were both happy and sad. You decide with them. Learning to talk about feelings helps us to feel more in control, and empowered. We are a master of our own feelings, and learning this from an early age is really important.

Days 4 and 5: A mug of cocoa and your favourite things

A hug from your cup of cocoa, or the kids’ cup anyway 😂 – get crafty and creative with cotton wool balls, and use them to relax too. After that, why not get your kids to draw their favourite Christmas image.

Day 6 and 7: Decorate an ornament and dot a Christmas owl

For day 6, let’s decorate our Christmas ornament wth words or pictures that share your feelings for the holiday. For the owl, pop some music on, and use a dot marker to decorate the Christmas owl. How does doing this feel? Think about it and have a chat with an adult.

Day 8 and 9: Cars and jumpers!

Let’s think about our feelings for this present too, and then decorate this wonderful Christmas jumper / sweater for days 8 and 9.

Days 10 and 11: Kindness stars and snow globe breathing

Our little penguin is juggling stars on day 10 – create kindness stars for the family with these, and then breath in and out as you trace the snow globe. It can be coloured in as well if you would like.

Days 12 and 13: Complete the picture and color the wreath

For days 12 and 13 we have. coloring and a drawing activity. It can be a time when we miss those that are no longer with us at Christmas, so draw a picture of someone or something that you miss. Then color in our bright wreath for an activity contrast.

Days 14 and 15: Mistletoe and thankfulness

We have a counting activity next with our mistletoe on day 14. For day 15, our Christmas bear is sharing with us a thankful tower. Write in it whatever you feel thankful for this Christmas.

Day 16 and 17: Play dough and baubles

Play dough can be a lovely calming activity – make a wreath with it, and then colour in our fabulous Christmas bauble for day 16 and 17.

Day 18 and 19: Be kind and relax with our reindeer

On days 18 and 19 we have a couple of lovely ideas for you. Pop a present in our stocking for someone that’s been kid to you this year, and then take some felt tips and colour in our mindfulness reindeer. Focus on your colouring to help you to calm down if you are worried too.

Day 20 and 21: Colour, calm down and breathe

We don’t have too many of our activity sheets within the Christmas activity book to go now. For days 20 and 21, we have a colouring sheet, and another maze as a breathing activity. Get Santa to his Candy Cane, and colour in our lovely house; covered in snow.

Days 22 and 23: Paint our santa and decorate our snow globe

Only a couple more days to go, and now it is time to decorate another snow global, and colour in our skating santa on days 22 and 23.

Days 24 and 25:

For our final two days, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself, we have a gorgeous and cute mitten that we know you will love designing! Grab your playdough again to make the mitten, and then colour in the mat as well. Finally, decorate our Christmas Tree for Christmas Day! You can use the outline of the tree to trace while you are breathing as well.

Have a wonderful Christmas with our amazing 25-day Christmas activity book won’t you?

To download it, click on the button or the image below, and it is yours:

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