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Christmas games for kids: Christmas tree iSpy

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We have been giving you loads of amazing free activities for you this Christmas, and now we have some lovely Christmas games for the kids. This is a Christmas iSpy activity for them to have a go at.

Christmas Games for Kids

The idea for this game is extremely simple. We have given you two activity sheets.

Christmas game for kids: Christmas iSpy rules

Print out the sheet with all the trees on it for the kids, to do this just scroll down to the circular image below these instructions and details.

When you have the sheet in front of your and your child, get them to look at all the different kinds of trees on the page. We have a total of 10 different trees within the iSpy…

 Christmas Tree iSpy Game

As you can see within the sheet above, the Christmas Trees are dotted around a lovely snowglobe. Perfect scene for the kids to spot their trees, and practise their counting skills.

After having a look at the activity sheet above, all you need to do now is check out the companion sheets, and add in the totals for all the trees that we have on the sheet.

Christmas Games for Kids  iSpy

How many of all our lovely trees can you find for the kids? We think this is an uber cute little Christmas game for the kids, and are sure that it might even keep them occupied long enough for you to be able to go and grab a hot chocolate. *maybe*

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To download this resource, just click on the below:

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Take care, from us all, and stay safe.


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