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Ad | Free Go Grow Glow sorting game for kids

We have a lovely little sorting game for kids for you today, that works both at home, and also in a school environment too. We have created a wonderful Go Grow Glow game that helps teach kids healthy eating habits. This is an activity in partnership with Graham’s The Family Dairy; a Scottish brand that offers fresh dairy products from their family to yours. They have recently launched their yogurt pouches range in Scotland (soon to be nationwide), Squidgies, which have loads of calcium, vitamin D and live cultures to give your little ones a healthy tum. Their Skyr yogurts are great for kids too. They are fat free, with loads of protein for building those healthy bones as they grow.

What is Go Grow Glow?

You might not have heard of the Go Grow Glow concept for food, but it is a simple principle which really helps kids to understand the balance required in their diet for healthy eating.

GO – fuel to help kids stay active

GO foods are those that help our kids to keep active, and to give them fuel for their work, and play. They help to make them energetic and ready for anything. Sometimes we might want to keep that energy down a notch (!) – but for our kids, fuel food is really important. It is included within foods like:

  • Rice,
  • Bread,
  • Spaghetti,
  • Cereal,
  • Potatoes,
  • Pizza

  • Macaroni,
  • Croissant,
  • Butter,
  • Sugar cubes, and
  • Baguette.

Carbohydrates make up the majority of the foods in this group. It is important to know that there are natural sugars, and those that are free, for example within cakes, sugar cubes, etc. These free sugars are those that are important to keep in check in kids’ diets.

GROW – proteins that help us build & grow

GROW foods are those that are designed to help our children to develop, and grow big and strong. They build muscles, teeth and bones to insure our kids thrive. Foods that make our children grow are:

  • Yoghurt pouches,
  • Milk,
  • Egg,
  • Cheese,
  • Yoghurt,
  • Chicken,

  • Lentils,
  • Fish,
  • Meat,
  • Nuts, and
  • Prawns

All these foods are high in protein to help the body repair and grow. They are often also fatty foods too, so important to strike a balance here too. It is worth noting that Graham’s Skyr yoghurts (and new Squidgies), because they contain 0% fat, and live cultures, provide protein without the associated fats.

What are the benefits of dairy foods?

Dairy foods are GLOW foods – and this is because they contain vital nutrients to help kids bones grow including:

  • Vitamin D,
  • Proteins,
  • Phosphorus,
  • Magnesium,
  • Potassium,
  • Vitamin B12, and
  • Zinc.

As kids bones stop growing in their teens, and these vitamins and minerals help with, not just bone health, but skeletal development, it is important to make sure that our kids are getting enough of the right GLOW foods during the growing years.

Do your children know what bones do for us? We bet they know they are form the skeleton, but did they also know that they help to produce red and white blood cells (which help us fight infections) and store minerals too?

GLOW – vitamins/minerals to improve immunity

GLOW foods are important for kids to develop healthy skin, and hair, as well as build immunity. This helps our children’s bodies to fight germs and viruses. The majority of fruit and vegetables are glow foods, and they all contain an abundance of different vitamins and minerals. Examples include:

  • Broccoli,
  • Pineapple,
  • Peas,
  • Apple,
  • Carrot,
  • Banana,
  • Orange,
  • Watermelon,
  • Tomato,
  • Aubergine, and
  • Grapes

The type of vitamins and minerals vary between the different fruits, and it is important to try and eat a rainbow where you can! The more colourful their diet of fruit and vegetables, the better.

How to play the Go Grow Glow game sorting game for kids

Now we have explained the concept – which we hope will work well both at home and within the lesson, on now to how to play the game….

This is a really simple, but effective way of explaining and showing children which foods fit into the Go, Grow and Glow categories; helping them understand why each of these contribute to us eating a healthy, balanced diet.


In order to play the sorting game for kids, you need to gather the following first:

  • Templates for the game – which are linked to here, as well as available at the bottom of this post when you click on the circular image,
  • Scissors for cutting,
  • Glue for sticking,
  • White paper, or white card, and
  • A little bit of patience and dexterity! Not much though, as this game is suitable with supervision for Key Stage 1 children. Particularly if you prepare the post boxes, and the food circles beforehand.


We wanted to keep this as simple as possible for you, so have kept the steps to FIVE – so you can get on with this easily within the classroom and at home:

  1. Cut out the templates for the Go Grow Glow “post boxes”,
  2. Cut out the food items on the named Go Grow Glow sheets. You might want to do this BEFORE you present to the kids as otherwise the titles on the sheets do give them a little bit of a clue as to what food goes where….
  3. Cut out the slit (marked by the blue scissors line on the top of the boxes),
  4. Build the post boxes by applying glue to the tabs and folding them along the dotted lines. This should create your sorting post boxes, and finally
  5. Get your children to sort the food items into the post boxes. This can be done with discussions about all the different foods of course. Plenty of learning opportunities here. The make excellent work for siblings or groups to do together too. They can learn from each other.

As you can see, it works well with white paper, but you can make them a little sturdier for smaller hands if you use white card for printing them out.

There you go – such a lot of fun, and so educational too! Don’t forget to check out Graham’s for more nutritious products that provide a good source of protein and Calcium to the kids.

Now to the game – just click on the circular image below to download it!

Game for Kids

We hope you enjoy playing it.

If you are looking for other healthy eating resources, do take a look at these on the site too – including a Go Grow Glow plate which complements this game perfectly!

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We do hope you like this resource from KiddyCharts and Graham’s. Do keep an eye out on their social platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) for more news on their products, as well as information on the UK-wide launch of Squidges, the new yoghurt pouches.

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Sorting Game for Toddlers

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