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When it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas you may be at a loss as to what activities to prepare for your kids. Don’t worry, as we have advent calendar templates for kids that are more than just chocolates and toys. Sure, that’s also a lot of fun, let’s be honest. But why not try something that will help keep your kids entertained and let them be creative, too?

Christmas Tree advent calendar Templates

One of our popular activities is the Christmas Tree advent calendar templates. This activity is jam packed with 25 days of Christmas Tree themed colouring pages. Each one of the beautiful pages will entertain your kids in the run up to the big day.

You can find;

  • Colouring pages,
  • Word searches,
  • Maths games,
  • Colour by numbers,
  • Mazes,
  • Matching games,
  • How to draw tutorials, and,
  • even pages to encourage your kids to write and create poems.

Among many other lovely and fun sheets!

There are also crafts!

We know how eager kids can be on the countdown to Christmas, which is why one of our activities is a countdown calendar so your kids can not only work on something to get them even more hyped up for Christmas (as if they needed even more excitement, right?!) but something that they can also make a family tradition out of.

We hope that you enjoy our advent calendars for kids and are certain that you will find something you like. Remember to come back and visit every year as we always update our site to bring you even more goodies.