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Best toy advent calendars for kids

We LOVE a good advent calendar for the kids at Christmas, so today we are sharing some of the best children toy advent calendars, alongside the odd bonus. That way, you won’t have to do too much shopping around when the holiday time comes because we have done it all for you! We love these surprise advents for our children, and some of the value they represent is great, particularly for those big brands that you may not even have known DID advents! From Haribo advent calendars to traditional toy advent calendars from Lego, Playmobil and Paw Patrol, we’ve got ideas galore for you.

If you feel we are missing a trick with any of these choices, we would love to hear from you too, so do let us know what toy advent calendars you love. We have tried to pick advents that suit a number of different ages in our collection too. Here are all our favourites:

Lego Advent Calendar: Star Wars The Mandalorian

For 2021, the advent calendar that we ALL want to get that includes toys is the new version of the Lego calendar, which, wait for it, has BABY YODA in it. If that isn’t enough to get you rushing out to buy it, I’m not entirely sure what will. As Toy advent calendars go, Lego Star Wars is a complete classic. If you don’t consider it this year, frankly, we aren’t talking to you. 😉

Schleich range of advent calendars

Schleich is an iconic brand for children, and they have a collection of advent calendars that we love; both for their play value, and value for money. Figurines are wonderful toys for encouraging imaginative and pretend play in our kids. Each of the calendars, and there are a number to choose from, has a different theme, from Dinosaurs, and Farms, to Horse Club and even Wild Life. This means that whatever your kids like, there is going to be a theme that works for you and for them. Whatever the figures are the calendar comes with, will be a hit. If you kids love a farm – do check out the city farms near you too on our site.

Playmobil Back to the Future advent calendar (£29.99)

This year, the iconic Back to the Future Playmobil sets that been one of the most popular range for the company, and their advent calendar based around the iconic film looks equally fabulous for fans of the show. It even includes a Marty, Doc, and Einstein figures as part of the 24 Playmobil toys included behind all the doors.

There are actually 75 pieces in the set as you build a favourite scene from the film. We are BIG Playmobil and Back to the Future fans, and we hope that you re too, and this is as exciting for you as it is for us!

Cry Babies Magic Tears Rosie advent calendar (£24.99)

Have you seen the latest craze in collectables, the Cry Babies Magic Tears range? If you haven’t where have you been? To celebrate Christmas there is a brand new advent for the range, this calendar includes 24 little collectables for Rosie building up a wonderful winter scene during the course of the calendar.

Paw Patrol advent calendar

Paw Patrol is still one of those shows that everyone’s kids love, so we couldn’t really build a list of toy advent calendars without including their advent in the list. 24 exclusive gifts across the advent which help to build a winter scene for 2021 for the kids of their favourite adventures and characters from the show.

Little Brian Paint Sticks advent calendar (£24.99)

This one is available from October, and it is perfect for any art-loving kids out there. It’s got 24 different little toys from the Little Brian Paint Sticks range, including face paint sticks, MINI paint sticks, CHUNKIE or the new Scribble paints as well. It comes with seven a 3 Christmas colouring sheets as well as 3 activity sheets too, so its perfect for kids, and particularly fans of this site!

Thomas the Tank Engine minis advent calendar

Who has a little one who is a Thomas the Tank Engine fan? Yep thought so, this is the perfect advent for them – a great set of 24 mini trains and a track to play with them on as well. A great way to keep them entertained in the run up to Christmas and beyond.

Gibsons Merry Mischief Jigsaw Puzzle advent calendar

This is a bargain at £30.00 in our opinion, as it contains 22 puzzles, alongside puzzle glue and ribbon, for your kids to complete across the course of December. This is great value in our view; available from Mid October, you better get a wiggle on before they all go!? Perfect for any puzzle funs, young and old. Gibsons are an iconic brand in the Jigsaw space, and this advent just shows you why….

Wooden advent calendar from Quince and Cook

This is £36 from Quince and Cook, and we think that it is simply gorgeous. In a time when it is increasingly important to be thinking about sustainability and packaging. A wooden advent calendar is a wonderfully original and sustainable choice this Christmas, and any Christmas. This contains 24 wooden toys for children to build up a Christmas scene with through the course of their countdown to Christmas Day. The scene and toy are simply charming, as you can see here. Not only is the advent wonderfully originally, it comes in a gorgeous case that is a delightfully new take on the advent experience for kids too.

The wooden toys within this advent are stunning, with everything from Christmas trees, to little Santas.

Toy Mini Brands advent calendar from The Entertainer (£29.99)

This is simply adorable – 24 little mini brands for the kids to enjoy for £29.99 from The Entertainer. This includes some of your favourite characters from the ZURU toy world in your Christmas countdown. And the best thing about it – you never quite know what you are going to get, BUT there are 6 exclusives in the range, so your kids WILL be getting minis that they haven’t had before.

And that’s the sign of a good collectable, right?

Milledeux’s hair accessories advent calendar (99 Euros)

We class hair accessories as toys, so we have including this fabulous advent calendar from Milledeux in our round-up for you. You can use them for the kids, or for dolls, so they double up in terms of fun. This is the highest priced advent calendar that we are sharing with you today – but we thought it was worth a mention despite this as the penguin design in particular is just incredibly cute for hair everywhere.

Disney advent calendar: Storybook collection from The Works

Somehow it is impossible not to create a list of advents, particularly toy advent calendars, without having a Disney advent calendar somewhere in the list.

This is a little different though, as instead of toys, we are giving you a collection of storybooks from Disney, which will have even more play value for you.

Books ARE toys so we haven’t cheated, just widened the definition slightly, right? There are other calendar’s within the Storybook range from The Works, so if you kids don’t like Disney, you can check out the Marvel, and Gruffalo versions as well.

There is also a Disney Princess collection too, just in case your kids want to get a little more specific with their Disney characters. 😂

Something different – Elf letter advents (£13.95)

We pride ourselves on KiddyCharts that we can find you things that are a little bit different – and THIS is just that. Not strictly a toy so we are giving this as a bonus to our list, we HAD to mention it as we think it is a truly charming idea that also provides a little bit of support to all parents that undertake the ELF task in December. And any support for that which doesn’t give us all a headache is a great way to start the season off, right?

This is a simple idea – 24 letters beautifully presented from your very own Elf, Pip McJingles, who explains in a story that builds across the month, just what’s happening at the North pole while one Elf is in your home, and the others are working hard in Santa’s workshop. Keep the magic of Christmas alive for the kids with something different this year.

Bonus idea – Haribo advent: Glow in the dark (from £10.99)

This isn’t a toy one – but we are throwing this one in as a classic for you, as both kids and adults love a pack of Haribos right? This is a glow in the dark design as well, and includes the classic mini Haribo packs, as well as Moams. Basically that means it’ll be a guaranteed hit everyday with anyone you give it to! They do come with a surprise maze or pin ball puzzle game included if you pick different sellers on Amazon, so there can be toys in there as well for you all if you choose.

If THAT doesn’t get you sorted for advent this year, we don’t know what will do, right? Thanks so much for coming to see us. If you are looking for other Christmas content on KiddyCharts, why not take a look here:

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read our recommendations for the best toy advent calendars out there this year – have fun!


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