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Free printable Elf adoption certificate for your Elf on the Shelf

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Have YOU got a cheeky little fellow due to visit your house in the next month or so? If you have, you might want to make it official with our fantastic printable Elf Adoption Certificates! As always, we’ve got a free version for you, as well as an editble version (£1.99) for a really small price upgrade! Why not download a printable Elf adoption certificate today, and make Christmas a little more magical for your little ones?

Free Printable Elf

We hope you agree that this could be a lovely little addition to the Elf on the Shelf activities that you are potentially going to be doing with the kids as December approaches. If you want to edit the certificate, do pop along to our shop:

How do we use the Printable Elf Adoption Certificate

Elf Adoption Certificate

To use this certificate, just scroll down to the circular image and download for your children. Then you need to:

  • Add within the area labelled Elf Name, the name that you and your children call, or would like to call your new Elf. Perhaps you can pick a rather fun name, or a traditional one like Jingle, and
  • Add in the section called Family Name, the family that the Elf is going to be adopted by. So, our family name is Neale, so we will add The Neale Family here.

Once you have done this, the Elf you have is now officially a member of your family, and will be able to take part in the usual Elf on the Shelf antics that terrify parents and delight children worldwide at the start of December.

In order to download this activity, click on the circular image below to download it now.

Free Printable Elf Adoption Certificate
For the editable version (shown on top here), please visit our SHOP.

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