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Winter coloring pages

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It’s fun to have a break in between the chaos of everyday life. Whether you’re looking to enjoy some quality family time together or want an activity to keep your kids busy on a cold and dreary day, these winter coloring pages are an excellent choice.

Winter Coloring Pages

There are some lovely pictures within this collection – sourced from our friends at – who offer loads of resources for parents and kids to help get kids learning. We have a free trial to too; for a month, so you can see what lessons and resources they have.

Winter Coloring Pages for Pre-School Kids
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Don’t take our word for it – get the trial for yourself and see how it helps your child develop.

These winter colouring pages from ABCmouse include:

  • Snowman colouring page,
  • Colour by numbers penguin and a cute little penguin chick,
  • Beautiful winter house scene,
  • Snowflake colouring page,
  • Snowman in a winter scene, and
  • Snow covered Christmas trees.

We have a few ideas as to why it is important to colour with your children too – and we outline them below alongside the different sheets

Winter coloring pages: Snowman colouring sheet

Winter Coloring Snowman

These beautiful coloring pages feature winter scenes with a color by number worksheet, an outdoor scene with pine trees, a snowflake design, a cute snowman, a serene cabin scene, and a coloring page with the word ‘winter’ above a snowy snowman scene.

Penguin colour by numbers

Penguin Colour Page

Each of these winter coloring pages will provide your family with hours of coloring fun. Gather up the markers, crayons and colored pencils, print off as many of these winter coloring pages as you need and dive into an afternoon of coloring on cold day!

Snowman and winter scene

We love this little scene – don’t you agree?

Snowman and Winter Scene

Perhaps you can colour this in with the children and think about some of the benefits of doing so at the same time? There are so many benefits of coloring with kids. Each of these winter coloring pages will provide your kids with a chance to boost their fine motor skills, creative thinking skills, and imagination.

Quality Family Time

One of the best benefits of coloring with kids is that it provides you with a simple activity that everyone in the family can enjoy. These winter coloring pages provide you with a package of six coloring sheets that can be divvied up between the family members.

Coloring together will allow parents to become one with their kids as they enjoy an activity that most kids love.

Enhance Fine Motor Skills

Coloring is a fine motor skill activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. Learning how to hold a crayon, marker or colored pencil to color these winter coloring pages will help enhance your kids fine motor skills without stress.

Using these winter coloring sheets as a dreary day activity will inspire your kids to boost their fine motor skills while having fun.

Boosts Creativity

We need more creative thinkers in our world! Coloring these winter coloring pages will help your kids use their creativity. Allow your kids to pick and choose what color combinations they’d like to use in each of the spectacular winter scenes coloring pages.

Winter scene

Winter Scene

Once done, you can frame and hang your kids’ winter coloring pages to add a personalized winter decor theme in the home this year.

Snowflake colouring page

This Snowflake in particular might be a good choice for hanging on the bedroom wall?

Snowflake Colouring Page

Christmas tress covered in snow

….Or perhaps these Christmas trees might be a good choice instead?

Christmas Trees Covered in Snow

That’s all we have to share, for now, hopefully, you’re ready to download this winter coloring pages pack today so that you and your family can enjoy some fun together during the brutally cold winter season. If you are – just click on the circular image below, and it is yours!

If you would like more ideas for coloring with the kids, do check out our wild animals coloring book in our shop…

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