Use the book suggestions for 4-5 year olds to to engage children in reading from an early age for more chance in their future education.
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Reading list for 4 year olds to instil a love of reading as early as you can!

It can be really tough to encourage kids to read sometimes. There are just too many temptations from modern technology; but we have a bit of help you you today from The Booktrust – a reading list for 4 year olds (and 5 year olds too)!. Video games, fun electronic applications and the television are […]

by Helen • January 19, 2018
This is one of those simple, gorgeous rainbow crafts that is so easy to do, you wonder why you haven't done it before. The kids will love it, and the basic tools; rice, a bag, and a few cotton balls, shouldn't be hard to find either. It is a wonderful sensory activity too thanks to the coloured rice.
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Simple rainbow crafts for kids: Rainbow rice funtime!

Today we have made this fun and bright rainbow artwork made out of coloured rice and cotton balls. This is a great activity for brightening up your day especially on a cold rainy day! This activity is great for children to learn their colours as well as being a fun sensory activity as they make […]

by Helen • January 18, 2018
Win bundle of gorgeous wooden toys from Hippy Chick for your Kids
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Win bundle of gorgeous wooden toys from Hippychick

Do we have an awesome treat for you and your little ones today! Enter for a chance to win a bundle of gorgeous wooden toys from Hippychick. In this bundle of gorgeous wooden toys from Hippy Chick there are: Classic world 100 blocks set, Classic world crocodile balancing game, Classic world magic ball, Classic world pound […]

by Helen • October 26, 2017
Separation Anxiety
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Separation Anxiety: 5 reasons why you need to recognise it in your child

We have a guest post todayon Separation Anxiety, which is a very real problem for both parents and children alike. Stacey Turner is the author of a series of books designed to help with a number of childhood first such as going to nursery; My Tiny Book (available from Amazon) Separation anxiety is the anxiety […]

by Stacey Turner • October 18, 2017
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5 benefits of Delta Wave Music for babys brain development

Parenthood is a wonderful time in our lives. For some parents, it starts off as a bit challenging, while some have a natural ability to breeze through it. Watching your baby grow and develop from early in your pregnancy right up until the day they leave for college is truly a remarkable journey. The most […]

by Jim Stevens • October 11, 2017
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Real KiddyCharts #5: Why taking baby outside is so dam hard

Before I had children, I could grab my shoes, reach for the coat on the coat rank, and I was gone. But taking baby outside; that is a whole other story. And when I was pregnant with my first child, I thought that this was EXACTLY how it would be with a child, all I […]

by Helen • October 4, 2017
Free Ladybird Printable Math Worksheets for Kids
Free printable activities & reward charts

Free Ladybird printable math worksheets

Welcome to the wonderful KiddyCharts a website full of delightful and engaging free printables for your kids and you. I’m sure you will find something fun to print to keep your little ones busy and entertained. Today we are sharing these lovely free Ladybird printable math worksheets. I just know your kids will love them and […]

by Helen • August 23, 2017
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Win £250 Julia Donaldson Swag to celebrate the Discover Children’s Story Centre new event from 21st October

We have a super cool treat for all of the Gruffalo, dragons and other Julia Donaldson fan’s out there as we are giving you a chance to Win £250 Julia Donaldson Goodies to celebrate the Discover Children’s Story Centre’s new exhibition. How fabulous is this? Discover Children’s Story Centre is a place where magic really […]

by Helen • August 10, 2017
How to make ABC Sponge Stamps
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How to make ABC Sponge Stamps

Practicing the ABC’s can be repetitive and dull when the same teaching techniques are used over and over. Add some variety to your child’s alphabet letter learning by making these darling ABC Sponge Stamps together! Make one for all 26 letters and stamp out the predictability of teaching the alphabet. Your little one can use these sponge stamps […]

by Helen • June 13, 2017
Fun sand painting for toddlers
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Sand painting for toddlers

If you are looking for a new way to do painting with the children over the summer, then sand painting can be a fun way of adding a new dimension to normal painting. This is a great activity to do as we head towards summer, and you can make it after a trip to the […]

by Helen • May 11, 2017