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Make up tracker

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Today’s post is one for those make up lovers in your home. How many times have you actually sat down and sifted through your make up bag? Whether you wear make up every day or only on special occassions you are bound to have some items lying around your handbag or dressing table that you may know you own but have no idea for how long. That’s why we have a great free printable for you today, a make up tracker. This printable set allows you to keep track of your make up for different purposes. Let’s take a look at the printable, shall we?

Make up tracker

Make-up tracker

Our free printable make up tracker can be used in different ways. From helping you keep track of the make up that own in case you are prone to buying even more than you need. Or to keep track of your make up and when you bought it so it doesn’t expire, because as you know expired make up can lead to skin issues and even infections. However you choose to use the sheets we know they will help you stay organised.

Let’s take a look!

Printable make up tracker

Why you should clean out your makeup bag

Did you know that makeup expires and that using expired makeup can lead to rashes, breakouts and even infections? There is a lot of bacteria that grows on makeup. Everytime you open a makeup item there is more air introduced, thus more bacterial growth. Sure, bacteria can grow on all sorts of surfaces and makeup items, but foundation and mascara (as well as eyeliner) should be discarded as soon as their expiration date hits.

The use of old foundation can lead to skin breakouts and using old mascara can lead to eye infections, which can be potentially dangerous as the eye is a very delicate part of the body. Using old mascara can even lead to conjunctivitis!

Make up tracker by brand

Keeping track of your make up collection

If you like to collect make up you may be at risk of using expired make up, which, as we mentioned before, is risky. Or you can end up overspending and buying duplicates! Why not try and keep things organised with this lovely printable set?

The 3 sheets in the printable allow you to keep track of the colour (or shade), the brand of the product, and the type of product it is.

You can even adapt a little bit by writing on some of the trackers which colours go with your favourite outfits. For example, perhaps your red lippy works brilliantly with your Co Ord Sets for work? Alternatively, you might prefer your peach eye shadow with a your grey loungewear as it brings out the colour in your face? Either way, you can adapt the sheets how you prefer to use them with your make-up collection.

There are 2 types of sheets, a circular one and a list type sheet. The latter can be used as a master sheet, for example. The more make up you own the more sheets you will need to have, so do have a look at our social media channels and save our posts so you can access them in the future.

Make up tracker by date

This sheet is clear, and everything you buy can be added as you buy it, so you know when you need that all important make-up clear out.

It just means that you aren’t likely to forget to have fun replenishing your make-up stock – you have everything that you need to keep track in one place. We don’t really need an excuse for make-up shopping; but this does give you one. 😂

<< Click on the circular image below and print out your own makeup tracker >>

Make up tracker downloads

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