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Pretend play pack for restaurants: What will your kids be? (Time to Pee printable)

We have a treat for all those of you who love watching their classes or kids entertain themselves through the power of pretend play; with an amazing set of activity sheets perfect for restaurant fun! There are 20 pages included within this pretend play pack, and it is perfect for kids from toddlers to primary age, so loads of potential to keep those little ones entertained.

This is an exclusive for members of our FREE time to pee club on the site, so just sign up and it is yours.

We hope you like this, and it is worth joining our little community for. Why not check out some of our pretend play toy recommendations too.

Let’s take a look at what is included within this bumper play pack for you now.

Pretend play: What do you get?

The activity pack is split into a number of different sections to really help create the right environment for the kids within their restaurant. We’ve got everything from decoration to wall hangings – it is really going to seem like a real restaurant at the end of all this – we promise!

  • Title page
  • Banners section, which can be mixed and matched to create whatever you want, including:
    • Red for knife and spoon flag,
    • Plain red flag,
    • Green spoon and fork flag,
    • Blank green flag,
    • Coin red flag, and
    • See Eat Stay red flag.
  • Wall art ideas for you, with
    • People who love to eat are always the best people,
    • Let’s eat,
    • Just eat it, and
    • A fabulous picture of a hot dog!
  • Money section including:
    • $1, $2 and $5 dollar sheet,
    • $20, $50, $100 dollar sheets,
    • Euros money sheet, including coins, and
    • Pound coin sheets, and some KiddyCharts blank £ bank notes! 🤣
  • Finally, there is a Menu for you. We have three versions, with different currencies, including £s, €s and $s, so there is hopefully one that covers where you and your kids are located. Perhaps you can have a holiday restaurant from one of your favourite places if we don’t have the right currency for you?

We know that you like to see what you are getting with these activity packs, so lets give you a little look at them before you download. If you want to skip to the download, just scroll down to the circular cut out image a little later in this article.


What restaurant isn’t complete with a little bunting to add to the walls? We’ve got a few designs for the class, or your kids, so you can mix and match them depending on how many of them you choose to print out for them.

These will look great in any of the kids restaurants that they create. You can, of course, use the blank ones to make your own as well – perhaps with different materials too to get a little creative. What about using charcoal, or pastels?

Wall art

Once you have added the bunting in your restaurant, what about some wall art for the diners to take a look at while they are eating?

These are superb, and add colour to any restaurant walls. Which one is your favourite? What about the Let’s eat one? Perfect for any budding restauranteur!


Once you have the wall art and bunting in place, the most important thing now is to get the menu sorted, why not download the one from the pack?

Ideas to go along with your pretend play pack

Obviously, this pack works well as a standalone, kids can use their imaginations, and make anything else. If you did want to add some little extras for an even better restaurant experience, then we’ve got some great suggestions here for you, including a cash register, and some wonderful wooden play food from Melissa and Doug. We love the Melissa and Doug range, it is just as a traditional set of wooden toys should be. The best part of their range is that they last too!

Ideas for you include:

  • Cash register; this is a great choice from Learning Resources that we love, but there are plenty of other options on Amazon,
  • Wooden play food from Melissa and Doug. There are loads of resources for play food, but these are our favourite. If you are looking for a huge set, perhaps for your childcare setting, then this is a good option too,
  • Waiter/waitress order pads, with leather backings are a great addition too, alongside the order number pads too. These just add that little bit extra to the restaurant play setting!

There might be other ideas for you too, what about a tray for carrying the food on too! You might think that was going a bit too far though with the pretend play 🤣

That should give you enough ideas, so here is the resource for you.

<< Clicks on the circular image below and you can visit the membership site and join. You will then be able to download the pretend play pack for you and the kids >>

Let us know how you get on!

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We’d love to hear whether you like any of these other resources, or if you have a go at the restaurant, join us on Pinterest and share your thoughts there, or even with on on our contact form.

Thanks for coming to visit us.


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