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Gratitude jar for kids

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The concept of gratitude is such an important one in the life of kids. We teach our kids to say thank you, but what is the difference between saying thanks and being genuinely grateful? We have a lovely post for you today that talks all about that! And to go along with it we have a free printable gratitude jar for kids!

Do you want to see what the printable entails? Have a look!

Gratitude jar for kids

Being grateful

Being grateful is so much more than just knowing when to say thank you, it’s about knowing why you should be thankful. Kids learn to say thank you from preschool age, but it is only when they get a little bit older that they can learn and understand the concept of being grateful.

For example, gratitude can come from a gift that they received, or from someone doing something kind for them. But it can also come from being aware that something positive can come out of a seemingly negative event. You can say that gratitude can be appreciating and accepting the positive in all situations no matter if they are seemingly “good” or “bad”.

Let’s take a look at the lovely gratitude jar for kids that we have for you today.

Gratitude jar for kids

Gratitude jar for kids printable

The instructions are quite simple. All you have to do is have your child write, doodle, or draw the things that they are grateful for until the jar is full. The “challenge” is for them to fill up as much of the space in the jar as possible. Your kids can even do a mix of writing, drawing, and doodling to get the jar as full of gratitude as possible.

Here are some ways that your kids can fill up their gratitude jar;

  • Draw what made you feel grateful on the day,
  • Doodle the things that make you feel grateful all the time,
  • Write out single words that trigger an attitude of gratitude,
  • Cut out images from either photos, or magazines to create a collage of things that they are grateful for, and
  • Think outside the box and create themed gratitude jars, for example, what I am grateful for at home, in school, and so on.

As you can see, this worksheet is meant to inspire your child and allow them to fully grasp the concept of what being grateful is.

We love to see our printables in action so do tag us on social media or use #KiddyCharts so we can see your work!

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Gratitude jar for kids download and print

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