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Register for free Time to Pee club site membership

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We have a brand new membership on the site and we know you will LOVE it. Whether you are a teacher, parent, homeschooler, or carer; we are offering members exclusive access to a brand new printable, in addition to everything we have on the site, that is absolutely FREE. Signing up to our free membership gives you:

  • Free resources from our shop. We have over 150 Time to Pee products, most are free to you, and the very few that aren’t are discounted by 10%,
  • Alerts for our articles / resources 2-3 times per week maximum into your inbox,
  • Membership area on the site so you can always re-download anything you miss,
  • Ability to request printables directly (we cannot guarantee we will make them, but we will listen and reply)
  • Access to me over email – feel free to send me requests for resources you need, advice on the site, or even on kids (I am a trainee counsellor), and
  • Request help from an expert network across Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. In fact we have over 500k in our community across all social platforms. We can be anonymous of course here as required.

Register on our Time to Pee membership site – and we’ll do the rest for you!

We will release these once a week, letting you know through the Time to Pee mailing list that you already get giving you ideas, inspiration and free activity sheets from the site as we release them. We will cover a number of topics within these sheets, and there really will be something for everything from:

  • Learning resources for kids,
  • Organisational tools for parents to stay ahead,
  • Colouring books, and pages,
  • Mindful ideas for the kids,
  • Thoughts and inspiration for new parents,
  • Fun activities for kids, and many more.

The idea of the exclusive printables is to give you something special for you, and the kids that really will try and help you to either be more organised, or to have a little more time.

It doesn’t matter how you might want to use these activities and ideas, we are here to try and make you life that little bit easier, so you really do have Time to Pee.

We are still in Beta on this, so any bugs, just report them to us, and we are ON IT. We try to reply to everything within 48 hours.

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