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Free 2021 family planner

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We cannot believe that we are nearly at the end of the year – we’ve got a wonderful family planner for you to get some of your ideas down for 2021. Our free 2021 planner lets YOU decide what you use it for. It’s simple, easy, and entirely up to you, or the kids!

We find planners are extremely helpful for a number of things about the house. You can, of course, use them as a calendar. Though we do already have some rather fabulous 2021 calendars for you anyway…. Our editable 2021 calendar for kids is our most popular shop product, so do check it out. Add your very own days to it online for that really personal touch. If you like this, and other resources, why not donate to the site too? So we can continue to provide you with loads of free resources. Share us to!

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BUT if you are looking for something a little simpler, and without the ability to edit, we can STILL help you…

How to get your free 2021 planner

Scroll down to the end of the article, just near the read text, and click on the circular image and the planner is yours.

But what does it LOOK LIKE?

Well – here are a few months for you to take a look at as a bit of a sample:

How to make your free 2021 planner

In order to make the planner work for you, you need to print it out and then fit it together. We’ve made it fit across two sheets of A4 so it is big enough to put all your plans into.

All you need to do is print out the sheets, and then align each month, so the full month is visible for you. You can either choose to leave the pink in, or you can cut the edge to fit things together more precisely. Check out the image below for more details on how to fit the month together without cutting things down.

There is a notes section for you to add additional information for the planning too.

What can you use the 2021 planner for?

The MAIN reason for giving this to you is to help plan your year, you can use it as you want, but ideas might include:

  • Family planner for 2021, where you have a separate one for each child, or all children on the same planner,
  • Timetable sheet for the children,
  • Activity planner for homeschoolers,
  • Work planner for you,
  • Social media planner for bloggers (like me!),
  • Media planner for websites (like mine!),
  • And anything else you want to use it for!

It is as versatile as you want to make it!

To download it, just click on the circular image below, and you can get it instantly.

Free 2021 Family Planner

We hope that this is incredibly useful for you – if it is, feel free to sign up to our newsletter too.

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We have loved having you on the site – why don’t you check out our shop while you are here? We’ve got some lovely products for you.

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