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Food and exercise tracker

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You may have noticed that we are into a New Year, and so we are trying to provide what we hope will be good new content for you, and your children as we move to a new beginning (hopefully!). Today, we have sharing something a little different, a food and exercise tracker for you all to help you in your exercise and health goals for the next year.

This is quite a simple, one page food and exercise tracker for you all focused on logging a number of different things that we might all be re-assessing in light of a New Year.

It’s pretty easy to note down, so hopefully that will make it easier for us all to follow (right?). Just take note of

  • Breakfast,
  • Lunch, and
  • Dinner

Alongside, including information on any activity, and those extra things that we do to stay healthy including:

  • Glasses of water we have drunk,
  • Healthy oils we have had,
  • Portions of fruit and vegetables,
  • Milk and dairy products, and
  • Vitamins

This tracker is probably OK for teens BUT do be really careful when you use it with children, and make sure it doesn’t become a major focus AND there is a good reason for doing it. For example, if your health professional has recommended your teen lose weight as part of a specific health plan. It should not be used without medical supervision with children.

In addition, it is also wise to take a health professional’s view on dieting as well, even as an adult. If anyone is worried about eating habits, do check out BEAT (UK) and NEDA (US) for information and support.

Food and exercise tracker

To download this simple food and exercise tracker, just use the image that we have popped into the article below. Click on the circular image, and you will be immediately taken to the resource.

2021 Food and exercise tracker

We hope that this is helpful for you all, and manages to focus the mind and body. Though idea for New Year, this is of course, useful all year round, depending on what your aims are at the moment. If you are looking for more health related content on the site, do check out some of our other articles:

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