Meditation for kids
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Why meditation for kids can help them learn

Concentration is a key skill kids need for school, as well as for most of the other things they do, from sports to hobbies. It means being able to focus on the task at hand without becoming distracted by what is going on around them or by the welter of ideas, memories, daydreams and expectations […]

by Helen • September 25, 2017
Healthy lifestyle tips

5 reasons to do your kegel exercises today!

A strong pelvic floor helps prepare your body for the strains of pregnancy, childbirth, ageing and impact sports. Kegel exercises are a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. 8 out of 10 Elvie women see results in as little as two weeks! 1. To prepare the body for pregnancy During pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscles […]

by Helen • March 31, 2017
Be loud and proud and go for bright colours, and love yourself when your choose your swimming costume. Its got to be done!
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Five top tips for buying a swimming costume for self-conscious mums

I HATE exercise, with a passion. The ONLY form that has ever worked for me is swimming, having started to swim a few years ago now, it really is the own thing that I do to keep fit that has stood the test of time. The hardest thing when I first started though, was to […]

by Helen • March 3, 2017
Five activities using kitchen tongs to promote fine motor skills
Free Activities For Kids

Five activities using kitchen tongs to promote fine motor skills

Check out these five simple and fun activities for kids using kitchen tongs to promote fine motor skills. I’m a big fan of using everyday items as learning activities for children and kitchen tongs can be great to help develop fine motor skills. The action needed to use tongs is similar to that of using scissors […]

by Helen • November 9, 2016
15 reasons to teach your kids archery
Free Activities For Kids

15 reasons to teach your kids archery

Long before Katniss Everdeen, there have been heroic archers peppered throughout history who have sparked the imagination of many a child! From William Tell (he of son with apple on head fame!) to Robin Hood, Susan Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia, Legolas and the Green Arrow… the list goes on. It is great to […]

by Helen • May 11, 2016
What can you do if your toddler runs away? How can you stop them from doing it again, particularly if they just don't get it? We have some ideas in our Google Hangout on the topic.
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How to deal with it if our toddler runs away

Have you ever had your toddler run away from you?  Is it one of your fears that you go on a day out and you suddenly find yourself with one less child?  Having a toddler running off is not something you even think about when you are expecting but as your child grows, both with […]

by Helen • July 24, 2015
Look see - if your kids love gymnastics, then this is perfect, a wonderful book to help them learn AND its signed by gym medal star Beth Tweddle! Closes 30th April.
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#Win Beth Tweddle signed copy of Head over heels about gymnastics

  We have already reviewed the Head over Heels about Gymnastics Smart App on KiddyCharts for kids – and my daughter LOVED it. I did as well, such clear and concise instructions, with real kids taking part. Because we love the brand, we are also offering you the chance to win a unique item – […]

by Helen • April 2, 2015
Tummy time is often something that we are encouraged to do to help baby crawling - we have tips on what to do with tummy time, but also other ideas for encouraging crawling from around the web. Come on and get that baby moving!
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Tummy time: Tips for encouraging crawling – activities to advice

This month we are looking at helping you all with encourage your little ones to crawl from activities and tummy time, to just general advice to get them moving…we published a post about this recently, and I know there are a load of wonderful resources out there for getting those little lets a-moving. Be careful […]

by Helen • March 6, 2015
This isn't the Honkosaurus., thanksfully - wait to see the real one sometime next week...I hope!

Walking the Dinosaur for Red Nose Day #Teamhonkdanceathon

This blogging business has helped me do many a wonderful things – from messing about with many wonderful products, to meeting some truly amazing people. Sometimes though, it makes me do stuff that, well, in all honesty, I thought I was a little bit passed – I am mature now right? However, thanks to the […]

by Helen • February 24, 2015
get active
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Get active together as a family

  Being active is very important for our family, not least because our little boy would cause chaos in the house if we didn’t get out and about and use up all that energy he seems to steal from me! Active body means an active mind We try and stay active both indoors and outdoors, […]

by Helen • February 4, 2015