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5 ways Capoeira keeps kids moving indoors

We have discovered something new for helping kids to get active; Capoeira. But what is it, and why does it help to get kids moving? Capoeira Communities, another Social Enterprise here in the UK, explains in more details about the dance, and how it can be used to get kids up and about indoors.

5 Ways Capoeira Keeps Kids Moving Indoors

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a Brasilian form of martial arts, that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. Did you know that it was developed by African slaves in Brasil at the beginning of the 16th Century. Nope, we didn’t either. Focus within the movements are to create a sense of “flow” within the routines. It is a beautifully rounded form of fitness as it develops a number of different aspects for those practising it, including:

  • Balance,
  • Co-ordination,
  • Core strength,
  • Stamina, and
  • Flexibility.

It might not be something that you first think of as for kids; however if approached in a suitable way, it is PERFECT for combing fitness and learning because of Capoeira’s cultural background.


How can you use Capoeira to get kids moving at home

Capoeira Communities, who provide a fabulous video course for both schools (£135 for a year) and parents (£30) to help kids learn Capoeira, have put together some ideas on how to use the activity to improve kids movement and fits. You can check out the introduction and first class for this here:

Move in New Ways! Exercise for Kids | Capoeira workout for Children + Parents | Home learning

There are their top 5 tips to get kids moving with the activity:

1. Use their (and your) imagination!

Everything is heaps more fun with imagination.   To get our kids moving we need to tell them to pretend they are a cat or a frog or that their whole body has transformed into jelly!

For example, in the Capoeira primary school lessons, Capoeira Communities use animal shapes to help children understand how to move in different ways.  For the video’s the company have created animal characters so when they see frog, they can imagine they are hopping around with a lil’ froggy.

Fun is engaging to children, and it is worth taking the time to think of ways to help explore kids imaginations while inspiring them to move.

Capoeira to Keep Kids Moving Indoors

2. Learn through play

Creative play is the perfect partner for imagination.  For example, when warming up to begin exercise, why not use the ‘Beans game’ – asking kids to transform into string beans, jumping beans, or broad beans!  When we move like animals or plants (!), it feels like play but really kids are learning the foundations for much more complex movements.

Capoeira for Kids

3. Repetition

Repetition is key for children’s exercise, it builds confidence in themselves, their movements and their enjoyment of games.  The videos follow the same format.  It’s important to keep a familiarity while learning new things so children don’t feel lost.

It is easier to learn how to stand on your head (!) when you have done it a few times….

Keep Kids Moving with Capoeira

4. Achievable Goals

Feeling a sense of achievement is important in children’s fitness, for their self confidence and also staying retentive.  So any activities need to ensure goals are achievable while also providing more challenging ideas that will take a bit more practise.

5. Self Expression

Exercise doesn’t always allow for this one, thats why Capoeira is quite unique.  The dance elements allow children to create a sequence combining different animal shapes and movements however they want.  They are creating something for themselves out of the movements learnt.

This is a wonderful way to empower kids by helping them to feel more in control, and able to express themselves. Anything within a learning environment that allows for kids self-expression is an excellent way of engagement them with the task in hand.

Capoeira Communities use all these ideas within their lessons, so do check them out.

These classes are a great way of get the kids to stay fit in the home; while also learning about a different culture and fitness strategy.

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