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How to keep kids active during the Easter holidays #ActiveKidsDoBetterUK

School’s out for the Easter holidays. And while the weather is being kind (so far!) lots of regular activities for kids are still sadly out of bounds. If you’re looking for fun ideas of how to keep your kids active during the Easter holidays, help is at hand!

How to keep kids active during the Easter holidays

We’ve stumbled across a fantastic free website which has lots of ideas for fun activities, mini workouts and games called Active Kids Do Better.

It’s the brainchild of Nike and Discovery Education – the digital education company behind Espresso, which lots of your kids will use in school.

What we like about Active Kids Do Better is that it’s quick to use and totally flexible. It’s full of short burst activities and ideas for fun movement, which can be easily slotted into the day. Think jumping on the spot, wiggling and Power Ranger lifts! You don’t have to set aside a whole hour for an intense workout and you don’t have to persuade your kids that exercise is good for them. They’ll be having so much fun doing this stuff that they won’t even realise it’s working!

Keep kids active during the Easter holidays

Launched by Olympic sprinter Daryll Neita in 2018, Active Kids Do Better has already helped thousands of UK primary school children to stay active. With the holidays upon us, parents are logging on to find tips for outdoor activities for kids, indoor games and family fun.

Active Kids Do Better’s fun activities and resources are linked to the National Curriculum, meaning that you can also combine movement with learning.

Some of the activities include:

  • Spell Check – a fun hopscotch-style outdoor activity for kids which teaches spelling,
  • Clock Lunges – a fab indoor game to help kids learn to tell the time, and
  • Compass Jumps – an easy indoor movement that helps kids understand direction
Easter holidays kids activities

Parents can also discover fun activities which are perfect for getting the whole family moving together, indoors or outside. From learning how to recreate sports like tennis or ping pong with everyday household items, to calming family yoga sessions, the Active Kids Do Better website has something for everyone.  We particularly enjoyed an indoor family game called Cross The River – using cushions as lily pads to cross an imaginary stream in our lounge!

Worryingly, less than a quarter of kids in the UK get the physical exercise they need. The pandemic has had a huge impact on kids’ activity levels, but many parents are actually spending more time being active with their children than before lockdown.

How to keep kids active

Let’s face it, we’re all running out of steam a bit now. But Active Kids Do Better offers plenty of ideas to help families have fun together while boosting kids’ physical and mental wellbeing. We hope that you’ll find it a fun resource as you try to keep your kids busy during the school holidays. Happy Easter!

Download your free Active Kids Do Better Parent pack at

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