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How to go on a bug hunt

We’ve got something exciting for all the mini-beast lovers out there! We are sharing a lovely set of printables that will give your kids all the know-how on how to go on a bug hunt. Explore your garden this summer with these printables. Will your child be an ant spotter, or a ladybug seeker?

How to go on a bug hunt printables for kids

There are a whole lot of bugs all around us and although we might find them a little bit creepy, kids generally are very interested in them and love to learn about them. The great thing about these printables, you can enjoy the bug search in your neighborhood – why not organize a bug hunt play date for your child.

How to Go Bug Hunting!

These printable instructions are just a thing for little explorers as they include a supply list with all the things kids will need on their bug hunting adventure. Including instructions on how to go about finding the mini-beasts. To make things even more fun there’s also a challenge included, where your little ones will need to find a few specific bugs (all wonderfully illustrated on the printable itself).

Bug hunt printable

Who is your Bug-a-like?

After a long and exciting day of bug hunting it’s time to relax and wind down. What better way to do so than to solve a fun quiz that will reveal which bug you would be, if you would be a bug.

Who is your Bug-a-like

If you take a walk into the woods today… you’re sure of a tiny surprise! The bugs go antennae to antennae for the spoils of a picnic in MINUSCULE.


In a lovely little clearing, the remains of a hastily abandoned picnic sparks a stand-off between two tribes of ants. A brave little ladybird finds himself caught in the middle of the battle but, having befriended Mandible, one of the black ants who is determined to protect the black ants’ haul of sugar cubes. As the safety of the black ants’ nest is at risk, our bold ladybird helps take on the aggressive red ants, who are led by the evil Butor, and must use all of his ingenuity and resolve to win the day.

Minuscule - In Vue Cinemas May 27 2016

This is a fantastic tale taking place at ground level, MINUSCULE is the perfect half term treat for the whole family.

How to go on a bug hunt

Based on the popular Cbeebies TV show, MINUSCULE blends stunning CGI animation with live action backdrops to really transport your kids to the undergrowth where they’ll embark on a glorious adventure with this half term’s tiniest heroes.

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We have many more free printables for you:

And don’t forget to follow or lovely pinterest free printable board, where you can find a lot of fun free printables for your kids.

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