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Baby Annabell cute sheep colouring pages

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Sharpen your colouring pencils or crayons as today we are sharing two Baby Annabell cute sheep colouring pages for you to print and for your little ones to color.

Colouring is great for all ages as it can prove to be a good fine motor skill practice for the little ones and a stress relieving activity for older kids, and with colouring sheets as adorable as these they really will enjoy it.

Baby Annabell cute sheep coloring pages for kids

There are two fun colouring pages for your kids to colour in and both of them you can download and print for free. So what are you waiting for.

The first colouring page features 3 little sheep playing in the field of little flower blossoms, each one cuter than the other. Your kids can either colour all the flowers with the same colour or, if they are feeling more adventurous, use all the colours of the rainbow to make each of the blossoms as unique as possible. There’s no rule that the sheep should be white or black either.

Sheep coloring page number 1

The second colouring page features a cute looking sheep taking a bubble bath. And who doesn’t love a bubble bath right (we could use one right now)? We do wonder what colour the bubbles will be, if your kids enjoy a flower scented baths maybe they will pick pink colours. Then again if they love the smell of the ocean they might go with the blue shades, whichever colour they pick we are sure the end result will be wonderfully creative.


Sheep coloring page number 2

So which one do you think your kids will like more? We think both Baby Annabele colouring pages are pretty amazing (and oh so cute) so be sure to colour both of them.

Baby Annabell coloring pages

Take a second to check out and follow our lovely free printable Pinterest board. I’m sure you will find a lot of awesome free goodies for your little ones.

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