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Self care ideas for kids to put into practice now

When we think of self care many of us think about a quiet bath with a cheeky glass of wine and maybe a magazine or book. Sure, as busy mums that’s a pretty nice idea, isn’t it? But the reality is that aside from time alone, we all need to consider some self care ideas that can truly make a difference in our kids lives. That’s why we have compiled this post to share with you some self care ideas for kids. We hope you enjoy them and put them into practice.

Self care ideas for kids

Self care ideas for kids

self care ideas for kids

There are various aspects of self care – some popular ones are physical, emotional, spirtual, and social. All of those aspects give your child the sense of wholeness they need.

Physical self care for kids

physical self care ideas for kids

One of the things many kids resist is the need for sleep. How many times have you seen your overtired child rub their eyes but then have a tantrum as soon as you suggest having a rest? Believe me, I didn’t make that mistake often!

Whether they want to accept it or not, they need rest. So focusing on a way where they can tend to their need for sleep is a must. One idea is to, for example, plan a film night. I can almost guarantee you that if they have a bath, and are relaxed in bed with the light of they will end up dozing off at a reasonable time, thus catching up on that well needed sleep.

Another aspect of physical self care for kids is healthy food. Giving your kids healthy and nutritious food is essential for their bodies to function properly. We know that it’s not that simple, so check out these ideas from our site:

Emotional self care for kids

Emotional self care ideas for kids

Emotional self care for kids can be a bit of a varied category, but because of that it is easier to adapt to our kids individual needs. How do we help our kids to value emotional self care?

There are many ways. For example, we can teach them compassion, kindness, and ways to manage and regulate their emotions. We have compiled some ideas below for you to check out.

Here are some other ideas to help children to understand and cope with their feelings and emotions.

Spiritual self care for kids

Spiritual self care ideeas for kids

Spiritual self care can mean different things for different families. If your family is a family of faith then you will have your own interpretation. We think that’s wonderful and leave that in your capable hands! What we will discuss with you though are other aspects of how to nurture your kids spirit.

One very important thing for us as humans is time alone, that also includes kids. Especially if there are other kids in the family or even when your kids are multiples. Each child needs to have some time alone to play, read, or just be in peace. But another important thing that kids need, is time alone with you. If you have more than one child, or even if you don’t, with life being so busy we can easily get caught up and neglect one on one time with our kids. This time alone is crucial for your kids spiritual health as it can help them feel connected and it gives them a safe space to share their thoughts, feelings, and even worries.

Spending time outdoors and in nature is also an act of spiritual self care and is sure to nourish your kids’ and your spirit! Check out some more ideas below:

Social self care for kids

social self care for kids

You may think that social and self care shouldn’t go in the same sentence. It may sound contradictory but social self care is basically teaching your kids the tools for caring for themselves in social situations.

Think of this, your child is in a difficult situation with bullies. Of course, we don’t want that to happen to our kids, but the better equipped they are with the social skills to manage and defuse those situations the more autonomous they will be.

If your children knows how to have others respect their boundaries and can ask for help when needed then you’ll always be confident that they can practice self care in social situations.

What do you think of these tips? We hope that they have helped! If you enjoyed them, then why not subscribe to our newsletter?

Thanks for reading and we hope you share this post if you enjoyed it!

self care ideas for kids

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