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31 Days of Learning Activities – #31DaysOfLearning

During the month of March we had a fantastic learning event – the #31DaysOfLearning event! We shared all sorts of STEM activites, free printables, and learning resources to help your kids learn through play and fun. Today, we bring you all of our 31 Days of Learning activities on one page! You can start off by printing our calendar and going through it randomly, or why not work your way through? Here’s what our 31 Days of Learrning activites month was like.

31 Days of Learning Calendar

Click on the image below to get your free printable calendar. There you will find all of the 31 days of learning activities in order. If you don’t want to do them in order, no worries! We have them all for you down below, too.

Keep your kids busy with 31 days of learning acctivities

Don’t want to go through the calendar in order? No problem! Make sure you save this page, or better yet, Pit in on Pinterest to work through your favourite activities.

Some of the activities you can find are related to:

  • science,
  • technology,
  • engineering,
  • maths,
  • health,
  • printables,
  • garden activities,
  • and so much more!

31 Days Of Learning

Find all of our 31 Days of Learning events on one page! Print out our calendar and work your way through each activity! Have fun!

We hope you have found a lot of activities to see you through this time of social distancing. From our free printables to our learning resources we have so much for you and your kids.

If you want to have some “me” time whilst the kids work through the list then why not treat yourself to a free 1 month Readly trial and work your way through pretty much an unlimited virtual stack of magazines! There’s no commitment, so check it out now!

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