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How to make rainbow slime: Red Rockets & Rainbow Jelly book craft #31DaysOfLearning

Today, we have Kelly from Rebel Tribe Blog guest posting for us in the 31 Days of Learning event on the site, sharing with you an idea of how to make rainbow slime. This is actually an activity to go along with reading the fabulous book; Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly (UK Amazon affiliate link), So it’s a bit of a double whammy for you all!

We love nothing more than books and slime in our house (not mixed together literally though!). We devour books by the day, and often we like to extend the learning and love of a book through a craft. 
When it comes to one of our all time favourites, Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly by Nick Sharratt and Sue Heap, it was easy to see what kind of craft we would venture into…


We adore slime, from making it, then playing with it, and even creating cute and unusual things with it. Slime is top of our ‘make’ list! We thought it would be a great idea to create rainbow slime, and with this thought, our slime creation was born…

How to make rainbow slime red rockets and rainbow

What do you need to make rainbow slime

Now, we tend to invest in a few products that we make last over many months, but we also know not everyone can afford these products, so we’ll talk about our main way of making slime, but we’ll also offer a cheaper alternative too!. So you need:

  • PVA glue,
  • Shaving foam,
  • Paint,
  • Contact Lens Solution (we have used this one from Amazon (this is an affiliate link),
  • Bowl,
  • Spoon, and
  • Containers for your slime

How to make rainbow slime

How to make rainbow slime red rockets and rainbow

The simple rule with this recipe is 1:1 quantities for the glue and shaving foam. We tend to wing it, but obviously that doesn’t help newbie slime makers, so here are some quantities for you all…

For each colour of the rainbow you’ll need to:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of PVA glue with 2 tablespoons of shave foam,
  • Add as much paint as you like to get the desired colour (and mix),
  • Slowly add squirts of the contact lens solution, until the mixture looks ‘cobwebby’. It should basically ball up and form a solid ball of slime,
  • Now you can have some fun by squeezing the slime, pulling it and trying to make it form more of a solid structure. If it starts to feel sticky, add more solution,
  • Repeat with other colours.
  • Make yourself a rainbow by using all seven colours and then get even messier by playing with them all together, and

We absolutely loved this activity.

It covers so many topics, from science, to maths, to creativity. Allowing your child to measure things out, and see the transformation is priceless!

How to make slime on a budget

If you need a cheaper alternatives (and we use this a lot, especially in the bath!) then look no further than the classic kitchen ingredient, cornflour.

You can grab a big tub for a couple of quid, and all you need to do is add water!

Add paint to water, then add it gradually to the cornflour until you achieve the right consistency, and then have great fun playing with it all!

We hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Happy slime making!

Thank you,
Kelly and Zoey Allen.
*WINNER of Vuelio Influence Awards 2019 for Our Transitional Life*

Kelly lives in Cardiff with her wife and two home educated children. She blogs about crafts, books and home education, and also runs a family LGBTQ site with her wife, Zoey.

She can also be found on social media too:

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