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Learning phonics with toddlers: Download your free phonics flashcards #31DaysOfLearning

We are looking at reading again on 31 Days of Learning now; thanks to Emma from Life According to Mrs Shilts. Learning is so much fun for toddlers. There’s a whole world to discover and every day is a day to soak up more and more. At around 12 months, babies begin to practice all the sounds they have heard in the world around them and turn them into words. As they get older and learn more about the world around them, they begin to learn more words and understand words in context. Introducing phonics flashcards is a great way to introduce them to the alphabet and give them a firm foundation to build upon.

free phonics flashcards for toddlers

Introduce your toddler to 26 new sounds

Using the phonics flashcards you can introduce your toddler to 26 new sounds and apply them to 26 items everyday things. As your toddler begins to recognise the picture on the card with the letter sound, they’ll begin to recognise other items that begin with the same sound. This will open up so many doors for them and their learning journey.

free phonics flashcards for toddler printable

How to use phonics flashcards with your toddler

To use the phonics flash cards with your toddler, download the phonics flash cards file to your computer.

Open the flash cards file and select the file to print.

Make sure you select the file to print to fit to page, this will adjust the document to your paper size. Print off the cards in colour onto card stock. Then, cut around each card with the letter on so that you have 26 cards.

Using the free phonics flashcards, you can introduce your toddler to new vocabulary.

Sound out the letter of the alphabet and using the descriptive picture on the card, you can use the letter as part of a new word.

For reference – here are the words that we have associated with each letter on the cards for you:

a apple h hat o orange v van
b ball i igloo p penguin w water
c car j jam q queen x xray
d dog k kite r robot y yo-yo
e egg l lion s snake z zebra
f frog m moon t train    
g goat n nose u umbrella    

With use, your toddler will be able to recognise the item on the picture on the card and in doing so, will be able to recite the sound of the letter.

Using the phonics flashcards, you could introduce your toddler into a vast variety of new words broadening their vocabulary and significantly increasing the knowledge they have of the world around them.

Download your free phonics flashcards set for toddlers and have fun!

Aren’t these adorable? We think they are – we do also have some other resources on the site to compliment these as well; both helping with early reading, learning the alphabet and general fun for toddlers!

Other phonics and alphabet resources for babies and toddlers

We have so many resources on KiddyCharts, it can be hard to know where to start - why not take a look at these though to help with phonics and alphabet learning?

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We hope to see you soon, and happy phonics practise as well!


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