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5 great videos to help with Baby Yoga

When you are a new mum, it is tough to get time to relax. They always tell you to sleep when baby sleeps, and to try and fit in as much me time as possible. But we all know that as a new mum, that can be really tough to achieve. A tip for new mums is to try and get some of that me time WITH baby. Exercise can be a wonderful way for some of us to relax, so why not try it with baby. Baby Yoga is a great way to do something for you, while your little one is around.

This is a collaborative post.

5 great videos to help with Baby Yoga

In order to help you find some routines that work for you, we have checked out a few ideas on YouTube and found some great routines for you and your baby, so grab your Yoga Mat and get in the groove! 😂

1. Liel Cheri Yoga

This is a 30 minute session, the first of a few (four) from this channel. The stretches start off relatively simple, and do progress through difficulty levels to help strengthen the core muscles. Thankfully, you can choose to work at the level you are able to do, depending on your experience with Yoga.

Mommy & Baby Yoga - Episode 1 - Liel Cheri Yoga

2. Yoginimelbourne

This is a shorter routine (8 minutes), so a slightly simpler routine for mum and baby. We love the interaction within the routine with your baby, lots of lovely kisses for them, and for you! Baby gets a little bit of a physical experience too, depending on what you re comfortable doing with your baby.

Mum & bub yoga - playtime

3. PsycheTruth

This video is focused on developing the pelvic floor after birth, and is specifically focused on mums within the first three months after birth, e.g. the fourth trimester. The session is about 20 minutes, and starts with a few gentle stretches, and then builds to help support that pelvic floor. As with all these videos, baby is involved. You will also need a block to help engage your adductors, to enable you to build that pelvic floor up again.

Gentle Baby & Me Yoga to Rebuild the Pelvic Floor Postpartum, Full Body Stretch, 4th Trimester

4. Brett Larkin Yoga

This routine is for a child that isn’t yet crawling, and again is about a 20 minute routine. It is lovely to see a little bit of an older baby (5 and a half months) within the video, who is clearly loving the interaction with his mama in this. Lots of chatting and fun for mum and baby.

Particularly enjoyed the funny faces that Brett likes to do with her baby 😂..

Mommy and Me Yoga: Workout and Stretch with an Infant (20-min) Exercise Routine with Baby

5. Classical MPR

Finally, for the last routine, something a little different; a very short routine with baby that incorporates classical music (1 minute). Something a little bit different, to perhaps get them into sophisticated music from an early age 😂. You can, of course, incorporate this with other stretches and ideas above.

Classical 15: Baby Yoga Routine

We do hope you like these ideas for Baby Yoga and that this has helped you to feel a little more connected with your baby, while giving you a bit of you time too.

If you are looking for other ideas on the site that are focused on baby activities, why not check these out:

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5  Baby Yoga Videos

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