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Father’s Day card craft : Mess free activity for babies

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Mess free guarantee with this fun Father’s Dad card craft!

Are you looking for a Father’s Day card craft activity for your baby or toddler without worrying about messy hands or clothes..? Then our mess free Father’s Day card craft is the solution!

Father's Day card craft for your baby or toddler which is mess free. Make dad smile with one of these cards. Make it today.

By using a freezer bag babies and toddlers can have finger painting fun without the mess. So look no further than this activity for your fantastic mess free Father’s Day card. Let me show you how…

To create the card you need:

  • Piece of white card,
  • Paint (I’ve used 6 colors, but you can use whatever you have at home),
  • Freezer bag,
  • Tape,
  • Blu tack, and
  • Scissors.

Father’s Day card craft – easy to make and mess free.

And here is how you do your mess free Father’s Day card craft. Depending on the age of your child you can set this activity on a high chair, table or the floor.

Father's Day card craft for your baby or toddler which is mess free. Make dad smile with one of these cards. Make it today.

  1. Fold the card in half and use the blu tack to secure the card to the table; you can also use tape, but just be careful you don’t rip the card when removing it from the table.
  2. With your child’s help apply dollops of various colors of pain around the card.
  3. Carefully place the card into the freezer bag and secure around all edges onto the table using the tape.
  4. Show your child how to mix the colors and make swirly patterns – let them explore and have a play with the paint and the different colors.
  5. Once your child has finished, remove the card from the freezer bag. Throw the freezer bag away along with any other mess.
  6. On the inside of the card write your child’s message to the Dad.

Not just play, this activity helps development too.

  • It is a simple way to introduce art to babies and toddlers.
  • It is good for developing hand-eye coordination.
  • This is a sensory activity, as your child is moving the paint around with their fingers – not a paintbrush.
  • Helps develop fine motor skills.
  • Can help with color recognition too, be sure to chat about the colors you are using. Its a great way to experiment and demonstrate what happens to primary colors when they are mixed together.

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