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Five activities using kitchen tongs to promote fine motor skills

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Check out these five simple and fun activities for kids using kitchen tongs to promote fine motor skills.

I’m a big fan of using everyday items as learning activities for children and kitchen tongs can be great to help develop fine motor skills.

Five kids activities using kitchen tongs to promote fine motor skills

The action needed to use tongs is similar to that of using scissors so this is a great activity to prepare your child for using scissors at a later date. It helps to strengthen the hand muscles, requires hand-eye co-ordination and also concentration and patience.

So we have come up with five different activities using tongs and other items that you might have in your house.

Use tongs to pick up pom poms and transfer them into and out of a container

Pom Poms 2
Pom Poms 1

Why not add water (because kids love water play!) to a container, throw in some bath toys and have your child retrieve the toys with the tongs

Tub toys 1 Tub toys 2

Cook up some spaghetti and put it in a large container and see if your child can pick up some spaghetti and put it into a bowl. I bet they won’t be able to resist putting their hands in the spaghetti as this is also a great sensory activity too!

Spaghetti bowl 1 Spaghetti bowl 2

Get some blocks (can be wooden blocks, mega blocks etc) and see if they can transfer them out. This could even be a fun way to encourage your child you pack up at the end of the day!

blocks2 blocks1

If you have any foam or sponge letters/shapes these are another great item to use with tongs as they aren’t too heavy

sponge 1 sponge 2

The opportunities are endless so I hope you have fun doing these activities and even thinking up some others!

Five activities using kitchen tongs to promote fine motor skills

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