Win classic Rummikub; a great family game for all

If you enjoy a great family game night as we do at KiddyCharts, you will love what we have in store for you today!

Classic Rummikub is the original fast paced family game that’s never the same.

classic Rummikub a great family game for all

If you need a new title for you game collection Rummikub is certainly a game to consider.

The game is easy to learn and seriously fun to play for all ages, so the whole family will enjoy playing this one. In order to win, players must place all of their numbered tiles from their rack onto the table.

Players must lay down “sets” of tiles on the table; these can be made up of either three or four tiles of the same number, but each in a different colour or they can be made up of three or more consecutive numbers of the same colour. See? You already know most of the rules!

The game comes complete with 106 engraved plastic tiles, four sturdy two-tier racks, eight rack holders and instructions.

Classic Rummikub

As usual, just fill out this widget and you are ready to go! You can also share your entry, and if your friends enter, you will get THREE more entry points too. How cool is that?

Rummikub with John Adams

This competition closes on Wednesday 30th Nov at 11.59pm and the usual T&Cs for all KiddyCharts comps apply.

Rummikub Family Fun for All

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