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Baby sensory cards

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Baby sensory cards are a great way to entertain your baby and help them learn about different textures and colours as well as helping their developing sight. So today we have made some and are sharing some ideas on what you can include.

Fun Baby Sensory Cards Activity

We have made one which shows the contrast of black and white. Black and white images are great for using on young babies as their eyesight is still developing so the contrast makes the image easier for them to focus on.

We also made one with a smiley face. Did you know that if shown two different images babies will prefer to look at the one with a happy face?

We have also made some with corrugated card, felt, fur and ribbon so your baby can touch and explore the different textures.

There are lots of opportunities in making these to be as creative as you like and use all different materials or whatever you happen to have in the house. This is how we made ours…

– White card
– Scissors
– Glue
– Different coloured felt
– Corrugated card
– Piece of fur
– Different coloured paper
– Ribbon
– Black marker

1. Take your white card and cut each one in half. These are now the flash cards that you can decorate

2. The first one we made was using different coloured felt. We cut the felt into circles and glued them on securely

3. Next we made one using corrugated card. We cut the card into a zig zag shape and glued it on

4. We then used a piece of fur and cut it into a square. Because the fur was white we cut some black card out as the background for the contrast

5. The next flash card we made was a simple one with a happy face which we simply drew on, easy!

6. Finally we made our last one using ribbon which we cut to size and glued it on the card to make stripes.


Please ensure that you supervise your baby while they are using these just in case any pieces happen to come lose. We hope you enjoyed making these and that your baby has fun exploring them!

Baby sensory cards activity for kids

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