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Five top tips for buying a swimming costume for self-conscious mums

I HATE exercise, with a passion. The ONLY form that has ever worked for me is swimming, having started to swim a few years ago now, it really is the own thing that I do to keep fit that has stood the test of time. The hardest thing when I first started though, was to choose a swimming costume that I was comfortable wearing.

Five top tips for buying a swimming costume for self-conscious mums

When you’ve been pregnant, there is a certain amount of self conscious-ness that creeps into your psyche. People admire the bump while its nurturing life, but all too often, they expect too much of mums once they have given birth.

“When ARE you going to loose your baby weight?”

Our drive to shift the “baby blubber” as its affectionately known, is heavily influenced by the media coverage we see. And it is no wonder that some women find it tough to go into the pool when they have had kids, because they are all too worried about what others will think of them and the “extra weight” we are supposedly carrying.

Don’t panic though, I have a plan!

Be Kind to Yourself

No-one is looking at you when you go to the pool to swim your lengths.

I really do promise you, no-one cares, they are more concerned with whether they left the oven on, or have enough time to do their 50 lengths (or 5) before they have to get back to work.

I know its easy to say, but it really is just you worrying about it. Anxiety about how you look is perfectly natural when you have had a baby. But remember, you made a life. No-one does that without carrying a little bit of a scar, or a little bit of extra weight. Many of us have more to contend with (and believe me I know), so don’t worry; you really are blooming awesome. Be kind and remember this. You rock.

Be KIND to yourself when choosing a costume, You have had a baby. You are awesome!

Go for a Swim Dress

If you are still self-conscious about going to the pool with a costume, or two piece, then why not try a swim dress? This is a new “thang” in recent years, and there are some simply gorgeous ones out there at the moment. Just take a look at Simply Be for inspiration and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the choice. From patterns, to plain; whatever your style, there should be a swim dress for you. These are actually great choices for you on the beach if you are a little wary of showing too much flesh on holiday. They make you feel beautifully summery, without feeling too exposed.

Patterns are your friend

If you are worrying about the extra inches that having a child have added to your waistline. Firstly, curves are amazing on a women, remember that.

If you do worry though, you can take attention away from them with a dam good pattern.

We are naturally drawn to movement, so a pattern over the whole of the swimming costume can be a way of distracting overall, or perhaps a pattern near the areas that you don’t mind people taking an extra glance. Perhaps you are proud of that post-baby clevage after breast-feeding? Then consider a costume that accentuates the vivacious curves of your bust!

Swimming costumes for self conscious mums - how about a pattern, perhaps not this bold - but use distraction!

Rouching can smooth over your worries

Show me a size 14 or 16 lady of a certain age, that doesn’t love a spot of rouching – and I shall show you a lady that is about to discover something that will change her life.

Ruffling the material over the tummy area can be an instant success for mums that want a swimming costume that covers a little of your post child body.

Rouching works a treat when choosing a swimming costume - we promise you.

A little rouche can do wonders for “the cover up” – why not give it a try on a swimming costume, as well as other areas in your wardrobe?

Be loud and be proud

Finally, just don’t fret. You may, or you may not, have added a few pounds since you had a baby – but you are wonderful! Wear a loud, and proud costume that shows the world who you really are, a mum, and everything else! You should be so pleased that you’ve got this. Confidence breeds more confidence. So just GO FOR IT.

Be loud and proud and go for bright colours, and love yourself when your choose your swimming costume. Its got to be done!

Admittedly, when I started swimming, there wasn’t a cat in hell’s chance I would manage the loud and proud approach, but it IS an option for those of you with more hutspa (is that even a word?) than me ;-)

Those are just a few of the ideas I have had to help mums out when choosing a swimming costume if you’re a little self-conscious about your body after pregnancy.

Why not pin this for later, or share your own ideas for choosing a swimming costume for those that are a little worried about taking those first steps back into the pool after a baby?


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