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Fireman activity for kids: Free paper dolls

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Do you have a little firefighter fan at home? I’m sure this fireman activity free printable paper dolls will put a big smile on those little faces. These free paper dolls will keep kids busy and entertained for hours and hours.

Fireman activity printable for kids Free paper dolls

Firefighters are super popular among kids and for a good reason, they protect us from fire but not just that, firefighters are usually the ones who rescue people and animals from accidents.

Many kids want to become firefighters when they grow up, and why wouldn’t they, it really is a noble occupation.

Free Printable

First thing to do is to cut out the paper doll bodies.

As you can see the faces of these characters are blank so your little ones can really get creative designing their faces.

Who will their firefighters be?

Paper Dolls and Outfits

Free Printable Fireman Activity Paper Doll

And here we have the whole clothing set along with all the accessories a firefighter needs on their job.

Colour in all the accessories, cut them and they are ready to be placed on your fireman paper dolls.

Fireman activity Paper Dolls and Outfits

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Fireman activity printable for kids

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