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St Patricks Day bingo

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With St. Patrick’s day approaching we have a fun treat for you today, a printable St Patricks day bingo game. These will be wonderful for a family game night as the whole family can take part in playing this fun and easy to set up game.

St Patricks day bingo game

We love games that the whole family can play together and that don’t take a lot of prep time so that when you want to play you can have everything set in no time. Bingo is one of those games for sure. We have 6 different St Patricks Day bingo cards for you to print plus a call card (and all those come both in colour and in black and white if you want to save on printer ink).

Here are some examples (to download bingo game, click on any image in the post):

St Patricks day bingo game

St Patricks day bingo game

St Patricks day bingo game

We do recommend you laminate them so you’ll be able to use them over and over again.

If you haven’t yet played bingo or don’t know the rules, they are really simple and you’ll know how to play the game in no time. Each player is given one or more bingo cards. One player has the call card and randomly calls the objects on the little images. Alternatively you can cut the images from the call card and place them into a pot, where they are drawn to get the random order, thus making the game even more exciting.

Once an image is called all players that have that image mark it down on their cards. The player who first marks all the images on their card wins, it is customary for the player to shout BINGO once their card is completed.

St Patricks day bingo game

To make this already fun game even more fun and to stick with the theme, you could award the winner with your very own pot’o gold, a cup filled with candy coins. ?

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Tuesday 8th of March 2016

How fun! I don't think i have ever played bingo with the kids before. Thanks :)

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