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Free Halloween bingo cards

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There are many different ways to enjoy Halloween with your family. From trick or treating to throwing a Halloween party. In fact, the Halloween holiday is a great time to have fun with the kids; so as a result – we LOVE it on KiddyCharts! Kids of all ages enjoy this spooky holiday, but parents sometimes need some guidance on what to do for safe fun during Halloween. That’s why KiddyCharts enjoys offering new ways to spend quality time together, without the fuss of leaving your home. Today we are giving away a set of free Halloween Bingo Cards to spend great family time at home around the Halloween event.

This Halloween bingo card plus bingo tokens allow you to easily plan a day of fun with your kids. The Halloween bingo tokens include everything that comes to mind when one thinks of this holiday. Kids will have to match a witch, a ghost or even a bat in a row to win. 

Pumpkin on straw alongside text "free Halloween Bingo Cards"

Halloween bingo tips & tricks

Determine the prize

You can set the gameplay to go however works best based on the age of your kids. Determine what prize will be given for the kid who can get all of the bingo tokens in a row first. You could also play a special Halloween bingo game where the winner is the one kid who gets a special Halloween token covered first, such as the spider web bingo card spot. 

Sit where everyone can see

Pick a spot in your house where every kid will be able to see the Halloween bingo token that’s pulled out of the basket. Set a table up where kids are placed with their Halloween bingo card in front of them, and the person pulling the tokens is easily seen. Give enough time for every kid to review their bingo card before moving forward to pull another bingo token from the basket. 

Have kids say what the token is

For younger kids, you can use this Halloween bingo tokens and bingo cards as a learning experience. Have the kids say what each Halloween bingo token is as you pull it out and show it to everyone. This is a great way for kids to identify different images and associate them with the right word during the learning stages of preschool years. 

Put a kid in charge

Last, but not least, once you’ve completed at least one game of Halloween bingo with your kids, you can have a kid in charge of the next round. This is a fun way to get the kids involved. It’s a great way to encourage kids to learn their images for Halloween and be in charge as a good leader. 

The overall mission of playing Halloween Bingo with your kids is to help teach them fine motor skills of placing a token on a bingo card, visualizing a word to go with the image on the token, and to work together as a team to encourage teammates to get BINGO. 

Free Halloween bingo cards

This FREE Halloween Bingo Card and Tokens printable includes six bingo card variations to ensure endless hours of bingo fun with your kids. These adorable cards can be downloaded and printed then simply cut the Halloween bingo tokens out and place them in a basket. Draw one Halloween token at a time and watch as your little ones match up the tokens to their bingo card until one lucky kid yells BINGO to win the game!

Are you ready to have fun with kids? Click the square image below to get access to the Halloween Bingo Cards.

Pumpkin on straw alongside text "free Halloween Bingo Cards"

I hope you and the kids have fun with our Halloween bingo. Are you looking for more printables related to Halloween? We have got some that you might like to check out:

When you have finished having some fun with these cards, you might need to get more inspiration for the season. Here are some other ideas you might like:

  • Adventure in the box has Enchanting Halloween Lanterns to give more appealing atmosphere to the rooms,
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Tuesday 24th of September 2019

This is such a fun idea! Will be giving these a go with my nephews!


Saturday 21st of September 2019

Oh the cards are a really cute and fun idea! Bingo is such a classic.

Heather Barber McMechan

Saturday 21st of September 2019

These Halloween cards would come in handy for the girls. Thanks for putting these together.


Friday 20th of September 2019

These are so fun for the holiday. This is going to make for a fun bingo game soon!

Paula Stewart

Friday 20th of September 2019

I can't wait until our grandbaby is old enough to play games like these printables. This will be Sophi's first Halloween and we are so excited to see her dressed up. Daddy is looking forward to the candy :)

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