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Free Halloween photo props or Halloween party decorations

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Last week we gave you some day of the dead coloring, so we felt we really needed to get sorted for Halloween too! So today, we are sharing something rather fun with you all; some Halloween photo props.

Are you looking for Halloween photo props, or some Halloween party decorations - then we've got some free ones just for you! #halloween #printables #kids #photography #photos

We know that your Instagram, and Snapchat are going to have some fabulous filters, but we still love the old fashioned way of doing this, and know that the kids will too. We have therefore created a few simple props for you to use in your Halloween photos. Let your imagine run wild, and see what amazing creative photos you can create. Pop over to Twitter and then share them with us if you would like too. In case you can’t spot them all in the above picture, we have:

  • Bat,
  • Black cat,
  • Bones (in the shape of a cross)
  • Boo sign (in grey with scary letters),
  • Devil’s mask,
  • Funky green glass for the more intellectual monsters,
  • Halloween banner (in orange with scary letters),Masquerade mask,
  • Monster’s hand,
  • Pumpkin,
  • Scary spider,
  • Trick or treat sign (in orange and, you guessed it, scary letters again!),
  • Trick or treat pumpkin basket, and
  • Witches hat.

That is THIRTEEN different Halloween photo props, and you can also use them as Halloween party decorations too if you would like.

Maybe you can create a picture with your monster glasses, or hand; or even the cat and the hat. We hope whatever you decide to do, you have lots of fun!

We have a few other Halloween resources on the website, so we will share them here, just in case you would like to check them out:

We love Halloween on KiddyCharts, so we do like to cover the season in lots of different ways. If you have any others ideas for us, do let us know in the comments.

To download the Halloween photo props – click on the image below.

Are you looking for Halloween photo props, or some Halloween party decorations - then we've got some free ones just for you! #halloween #printables #kids #photography #photos

If you don’t find what you need on the KiddyCharts site, then you might like these Halloween ideas instead:

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