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Spider paper plate Halloween craft: Trick or treat bag

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We have already shown you a simple decoration for a pencil pot as a Frankenstein halloween craft; but we have another easy craft for you to do too from my daughter. This is a Spider trick or treat bag for halloween.

A simple paper plate craft for halloween. A spider craft to create a halloween trick or treat bag.

Again, its a lovely, but basic, idea offering little touches to make Halloween just that little bit more fun for the kids.


  • Black paper plate (small)
  • Black pipe cleaners (4)
  • Googly eyes
  • Bostick White Glue
  • Bostik Glue Dots
  • Simple bag
  • Halloween ribbon
  • Foam, or autumn leaf embellishment


1. Use the ribbon to decorate the bottom of the bag, sticking it on with the Bostik white glue

The edge of the spider treat or treat bags are decorated with special halloween ribbon.

2. Stick your black paper plate in the middle of the bag, making sure you have enough room each side for the spider’s legs

3. Cut your four pipe cleaners in half, and glue four each side of the black plate to make the spiders legs. Make sure you bend them a little bit so it looks like your spider is on the move. When you glue them on, make sure that they tuck under the edges of the plate. You might even want to stick them to the plate edge with a little bit of glue, or glue dots

Sticking your spider legs onto your trick or treat bag isn't easy....

4. Stick your googly eyes on your paper plate with your Bostik glue dots

5. Cut two triangles out of your foam, or chop the points off your autumn leaf, and add them to your plate for your scary spider fangs

6. Take a step back and admire your handy work!

Your spider trick or treat bags will be well loved!We hope you like this craft, do check out some of the other crafts on the site, as well as our Halloween pinterest board as well:

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If you haven’t got time to do this now, don’t forget to pin it for later!

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