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Frankenstein make up tutorial for Halloween; just like Hotel Transylvania

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Are your kids thinking about dressing up as a Frankenstein for Halloween this year? We’ve got just the thing for you then as your kids can turn themselves into one of the coolest Frankenstein monsters ever, Frank from Hotel Transylvania!

Just follow this simple Frankenstein make up tutorial and let the monster mania begin!

Frankenstein Make Up Tutorial

Got your make up ready? Let’s do this!

Step 1. Start by covering your face from the top of your hairline down to the bottom of your neck (do not forget the ears) with some light blue face paint.

Step 2. Next line your entire eye from the inner corners to the outside on both sides with some blue eye liner.

Step 3. To make the line around your eyes looking a little bit smoky, smudge the eyeliner with some dark blue eye shadow.

Step 4. To mimic the appearance of stitches (as every Frankenstein monster needs stitches right?) grab the dark blue eyeliner and make vertical lines along your eyebrows line.

Step 5. Next, lets make some fake stitches on your forehead. To do that, draw a horizontal line with the blue eyeliner from the left side of your temple to the right side and then make vertical lines along that line. They look cool don’t they?

Step 6. For a Franken-pout worthy of Halloween, fill your lips with some dark blue lipstick and you are all set to go, looking all scarily awesome!

Loved the tutorial? You can print it below:

Be sure to pin this Frankenstein make up tutorial so you will be able to check all the steps again when you will need them. If you are looking for more Halloween fun, also be sure to browse our Halloween board as it is filled with all kinds of awesome things!

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We will also be giving you another make up tutorial from Hotel Transylvania a little bit later in the week too.

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