….buy a Dyson!

Dyson v6 Fluffy - gets the kids to clean...but not their hair!

Hold on, I am serious you know….I spent an afternoon with my daughter playing with Dysons at their launch event and she wasn’t bored. Serious, she wasn’t. It was just after we had been playing with fake snow though, and even a Dyson won’t get THAT out of your hair ;-)

We seem to have done a lot of playing recently in fact….

Dyson made sparkles

…including the adults *coughs*

We cannot be held responsible for Dyson V6 cordless being used as lightsabres.....

Californian Mum in London and Mum Friendly feel the force of the Dyson!

Vacuuming shouldn’t be fun – right? We are taught that from our mothers, and their mother’s before them. Vacuuming is something you have to do because its necessary. A bit like washing up. If you don’t do it, then stuff gets mucky, and you’ll end up with new species of creatures living in your sink, or worse, on your carpets.

Believe me, I have experienced nits, and no-one wants to create a new life form by not vacuuming.

However, this is a sight I wasn’t expecting to see *ever*

Assembling the Dyson V6 Fluffy is easy - so much so, my daughter can do it...

See what I mean? Using a Dyson can even be fun for a ten-year old, so perhaps that’s how we should be getting our cleaning done by the kids, eh?

The important stuff….

The reason we were at this even was that Dyson has launched a new Vacuum with some uber new geek related technology, which fascinated my daughter – she even stroked the Vacuum cleaner because of this…

The Dyson Fluffy is, in fact, actually very fluffy as my daughter demonstrates now!

In a simple terms that you and I, and my daughter can understand:

  • People get annoyed because their vacuums either pick up small stuff or big stuff, but not both,
  • James Dyson got annoyed too,
  • His company fixed the problem with the new head, the fluffy,  on the Dyson V6 Total Clean cordless vacuum cleaner.

Marvellous. It still comes with the gorgeous Dyson technology and stunning filters…see I Instagrammed one I loved it so much:

The @dyson filter. A work of art #nocordsattached

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There is quite a lot of Dyson engineering that is beautiful, even when its surrounded by glittery butterflies…

Dyson technology can be beautifuol, even surrounded by glittery butterflies....

However, the kit is also practical. The Dyson V6 cordless vacuum can even suck up Cheerios…hands up who has stood on one of those and tried to pick it out of their carpet and failed..

Yep thought so, all of you :-D

We are going to have the pleasure of test driving one of these V6 cordless vacuums over the next few weeks, and we look forward to bringing you more pictures of big and little things being sucked up off our floors. We may even have a few more of my daughter, and, perish the thought, my SON, doing some cleaning.

Yeah – I know, dream on, Helen….

We were kindly invited to the Dyson V6 Total Clean cordless vacuum launch event, and will be provided with one for review. This post is honest, though; I can’t get my daughter to do anything, ever….