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Win a Sphero Mini robot to entertain and teach the kids at the same time!

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Sphero Mini are giving away one of their fun and educational robots to a lucky winner! Sphero Mini robot is a tiny, app-enabled robotic ball, about the size of a ping pong ball, that can be controlled using the app, or with facial expressions through its new Face Drive™ feature.

We have a Sphero Mini to give away - check it out!

The Mini robot can be programmed using the Sphero Edu app. Designed for learner progression, Sphero Edu beginners can command Mini by drawing a path in the app for the robot to follow. Intermediate coders can use code blocks to learn more advanced logic. Pros can use text programming and write their own JavaScript.

Accessible from almost any platform, you can program using your smart device and the Sphero Edu app or download the Chrome app on Chromebooks and more.

Mini can be used to play different games. Use the ball as a controller to shoot your way through space, race a ship through a tunnel, or rotate your ball to destroy a polygon of bricks.

More about the Sphero Edu app

You can code the Sphero Mini with the new Sphero Edu app, which has updated its blocks canvas to be built on the Scratch open-source code base.

Scratch is the most popular block programming language in the world with over 28,000,000 users. Scratch recently made it even easier for developers like Sphero to use the Scratch code base and adapt their block programming tool for their own projects. Sphero have redesigned their blocks canvas and based it on the Scratch open-source library. Meaning you can now code with Sphero robots using Scratch via the Sphero Edu app.

Enter now to be in with a chance of winning a Sphero Mini. It’s a fun, inexpensive way to entertain children for hours whilst keeping their minds active by learning to code. As always, we just need you to use the Gleam Widget to enter and you are away!

Win a Sphero Mini Robot for learning and fun for the kids!

The competition closes on Tuesday 9th October at 11.59pm. So do hurry just in case you miss out. The usual terms and conditions are our giveaways apply of course. As is typical, it is UK only as well.

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