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Free letter writing template printable for kids

We have a treat for you all today. A complete year of free letter writing template printable ideas for kids to use to write that perfect note to whomever, whenever! This is a great way to add a spot of fun to writing letters with the kids to family members, a best friend or other friends.

The image is a colorful advertisement for free letter writing templates for kids, featuring educational toys and sample template pages on a pink background.

If your kids and your class are anything like our children, then writing letters needs to be a fun activity, and not a chore. For example, getting them to write their own letter to say thanks after a birthday of Christmas can be tough. With these fabulous templates you are half way there to turning it into something that the kids will actually want to do for a change. Whether it is a thank you letter, or a letter to a family friend so that they can get a lift; we’ve got the answer for you.

There are 12 templates, one set have detailed backgrounds, and the other plain white ones so that there isn’t too much ink used when you print them out. Because there are 12 templates, with one for each month, these are perfect for kids that have a pen pal. All of them are blank letter template sheets, so you can do with them as you will. Perhaps if you are a teacher, you can incorporate into a lesson plan for creative writing to help improve the student writing process?

What do my free letter writing template printable ideas look like?

As always, we are giving you a sneak peak of these free printables templates so you know exactly what you are getting when you download them below. In order to get them, just scroll down to the button and the image lower down this article.

Before checking these out, we do have a set for the Southern hemisphere as well now, after a reader requested them. Scroll down to find out about these too.

These printable letter writing paper templates are wonderful for making those handwritten letters that little bit more special, and encouraging those young writers to have more fun:

Our January and February letter templates have a winter followed by a valentine’s day theme. We have a lovely gnome character on all our letters. He’s sending your family and friends fun ideas, as well as giving your kids a little to think about as part of the letters.

March and April friendly letter template ideas

For March, we have a St Patrick’s Day gnome, and a rainbow to help make the activity a little more exciting for the kids. Why not get them to color in their rainbows as well? For April, there is a spring theme, as we hope that the flowers are well and truly out by this time of year – we hope you agree that flowers are one of the best things about this time of year.

May and June free templates

For May and June, kids can get into the circus (June), and even more flowers, and a heart-shaped hot air balloon as the weather turns a little better. Father’s Day is in June (UK), so you might get a little inspiration for you letter ideas from our list of birthday quotes for Dad too.

July and August ideas

The theme for July is fireworks or the Fourth of July depending on where you live! And of course, for August, we are thinking more about the summer and what we might be able to get up to at the beach.

September and October thoughts for our letters

For September, our gnome is thinking about going back to school, and of course October brings pumpkins and Halloween for us all.

November and December templates to finish things off

Autumn is closing, and moving into Winter again for our November theme, and finally, we have December, and we are thinking about Winter and Christmas all over again. We’ve got a fabulous Santa Claus gnome all the way from the North Pole on our December design, which we think even older students will rather like 😂 🎅.

Our southern hemisphere version

For the Souther hemisphere options, you can download this file here, or by clicking the image below (do wait a bit, its still a big file) – we have moved around some of the designs so they are more suitable for the change in seasons. We have based this on this seasonality for you:

  • December, January, February – Summer
  • March, April, May – Autumn 
  • June, July, August – Winter
  • September, October, November – Spring

Why not make using this template a little bit of a fun holiday tradition for the school or your family? Pop one in your greeting cards for the season perhaps – our ready made format should make it an easier task, so it won’t take a long time to put together for you. One more thing cross off the Christmas to-do lists 😊

Our minimalist free printable letter template examples too

Here are some of the examples of the more minimalistic templates for you that won’t take up quite so much ink! We think these different versions are just as cute, but slightly less expensive for you to print out. We have still given you all 12 of the different types of printable templates – so they still cover the 12 months of the year.

Ideas for ways to use these templates

There are a few ways that you might want to use these at home or at school. These templates can work from 1st grade, and EYFS, right the way up to kids who are 10/11 years old, depending on how you work with them. Here are some simple ideas for you:

  1. Ignite your kids imagination: Letter writing templates can be a magical portal to the world of creativity for kids. With colorful visuals and interactive elements, they’ll be whisked away on a writing adventure, exploring their thoughts and ideas in a playful, whimsical manner.
  2. Home-school connection: Parents and teachers can collaborate using these templates. Assignments at school can become fun activities at home, encouraging children to continue practicing their writing skills outside of school hours.
  3. Storytelling extravaganza: Turn letter writing into a storytelling session! Encourage children to use the templates to write letters as if they were characters from their favorite stories. This adds an extra layer of fun and engagement to the task.
  4. Chuckles and giggles: Add a dash of humour to letter writing with quirky templates. Kids can write funny letters to their friends, parents, or even their pets. This makes writing an enjoyable activity rather than a chore.
  5. Interactive learning: Use these templates with a more interactive element to make learning more interesting. For instance, take one of the month’s templates, you pick any of them, and imagine you are writing to an alien about life on earth in that month. What would you say to them about what you get up to, and what’s fun about being where you live! Alternatively, why not sure a letter as part of an idea for a play – and run with it!

We hope that’s enough info on the printables for you, so how about downloading it now! Be patient, as this is quite a big file (155MB) because it contains both of the templates we are offering to you.

We do have other ideas for writing prompts for the kids too, so why not take a look at some of the other resources that we have to improve and support literacy on the site.

Why bother with writing prompts, well:

  1. Unleash the power of imagination: Writing prompts are like a rainbow-colored slide into a world of endless possibilities! They can inspire kids to dream big, think outside the box, and let their imaginations run wild,
  2. Storytelling extravaganza: Every writing prompt is a little peep into a story that could really inspire them. Whether they’re spinning tales about unicorns in space or secret missions as super spies, kids can explore different characters, plots, and settings. It’s an exciting journey that turns them into anything they want, depending on where the story takes them, and
  3. Laugh out loud learning: Who said learning can’t be fun? With humour-filled writing prompts, children can learn while having a hearty laugh. It’s like turning the classroom into a comedy club – full of chuckles, guffaws, and learning in disguise. Plus, prompts that are a little humorous can help kids add a sprinkle of humour to their writing, making it even more engaging.

Of course, you can also use the letters above as a basis for some of these writing ideas too. Combine them with other resources on the site, perhaps including these thank you cards, for even more fun. Why not make your December letter funny, by combining it with one of the suggestions we have for comedy prompts?

Writing prompt ideas from KiddyCharts

Here are some more ideas from KiddyCharts that get the creative writing juices flowwing for the kids. Why not check them all out?

Here are some more thoughts for you, but this time off site:

Writing prompt ideas from the internet

Some more ideas for writing prompts to help with literacy from the internet and fellow children's sites.

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See you again soon,


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