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Editable printable 2024 calendar for kids

As we welcome another exciting year of growth and learning, it’s time to equip ourselves with the right tools. Among these essential tools is our fully editable and vibrant printable 2024 calendar – an indispensable asset for every classroom or home! We have already shared our free version, and now we have the editable printable 2024 calendar ready for you all to download from the premium site!

Remember it is FREE to join our premium site, and you get 90% of the shop free when you do. We do ask for small contributions for some of our products, and the 2024 editable calendar is one of them, at £4.95. We promise it is worth joining though, there is so much fun to be had with this and the rest of the shop!

An editable calendar for kids for January 2024 is displayed with a winter scene, accompanied by a large "2024" bubble and a download button.

As for this calendar, it is not just a simple date tracker; it’s a colourful journey through the year, a visual aid that helps children understand the concept of time, seasons, and the importance of planning. It’s a great tool designed to captivate students, making learning not just informative but also fun.

We have already shared with you want it looks like because of the free version available to download from the main site. So in this blog post, we’ll delve into innovative ways you can use our printable 2024 calendar in your classroom, transforming it into a dynamic learning aid.

In case you haven’t seen the calendar, above are some of the examples from it, and do check it out by clicking the button below as well:

We do also have a free coloring calendar you can check out too, as well as loads of free calendar ideas on the site elsewhere.

But what about those thoughts on how to use the editable version and to download it as well? Check the ideas out below, and click on the button or image to download below:

1. Monthly planning sessions

At the start of each month, dedicate a class session to fill in important dates such as tests, holidays, and school events. This practice introduces the concept of foresight and organization to the students. It encourages them to prepare for upcoming tasks and to look forward to events. This interactive approach also allows children to feel involved in the classroom’s functioning, fostering a sense of belonging and responsibility.

2. Personalised learning

Encourage students to personalize their own calendar with relevant dates, activities, and even doodles. This freedom to customize their calendar boosts creativity and gives them a sense of ownership. It also allows them to express themselves visually, which can be particularly beneficial for visual learners. Additionally, it serves as a reflection of their interests and priorities, making learning more relatable.

A stack of books on a table with a red apple on top, next to scattered colored pencils, against a blurred background with artwork.

3. Classroom birthday tracker

Use the calendar to mark all the students’ birthdays. Assigning a special sticker or colour for birthdays not only makes these days stand out but also adds an element of surprise and excitement. This practice fosters a sense of community within the classroom and makes each student feel special and acknowledged on their birthday.

4. Visual timeline

The calendar can be used to create a visual timeline for ongoing projects or thematic units. This helps students understand the progression of events and anticipate what’s coming next. It provides a clear picture of the project’s timeline, helping them manage their time and tasks effectively. It also allows you to highlight key milestones and celebrate when they’re achieved, boosting morale and motivation.

The image shows a blurred view of a video editing software timeline with colorful blocks representing clips, transitions, and effects against a dark background.

5. Countdown to special events

Whether it’s a field trip, a school carnival, or the end of the school year, use the calendar to create a visual countdown. This not only builds anticipation and excitement but also serves as a constant reminder of the event. It can help manage expectations and prepare students for the event, whether it involves packing a bag for a field trip or preparing an act for the school carnival.

6. Seasonal changes

Use the calendar to discuss and track changes in weather and seasons. This can be tied to science lessons about Earth’s rotation and revolution. This integration of lessons with the calendar makes learning more practical and understandable. It can spark discussions about climate, geographical locations, and the impact of seasonal changes on various aspects of life.

Aerial view of a road cutting through a forest with a colorful autumnal palette of red, orange, and green treetops.

7. Homework or reading tracker

Assign students to mark due dates for homework or projects on the calendar. This not only promotes responsibility and time management skills but also gives a clear idea of their academic schedule. It can help avoid last-minute rush and stress, ensuring that students work at a steady pace and produce quality work.

8. Attendance tracker

Mark days when a student is absent on the calendar. This can serve as a visual tool to discuss the importance of regular school attendance with students and parents. It can highlight patterns in absenteeism that might need to be addressed and encourages accountability among students.

Empty yellow and black stadium seats in sunlight with shadows, creating a pattern in a sports arena, with no people visible.

9. Celebrating holidays

Use the calendar to explore and celebrate different cultural and national holidays. This can be a great conversation starter about diversity and inclusion. It can lead to enriching discussions about different cultures, traditions, and histories, promoting a sense of respect and curiosity about different ways of life.

10. Just a bit of color!

Finally, the calendar is bright, and vibrant, so it adds a splash of colour to any wall at home or in school, so why not just download it for that?!!? If you wanted to chat to us about providing a copy for everyone in school, let us know. We would be happy to do a special deal for anyone, just drop us a line.

In summary, our printable 2024 calendar is more than just an organisational tool; it’s a great way of bringing something different to the home or the classroom. It can invite interaction, discussion, and creativity. It opens up learning opportunities, making the concept of time tangible and fun for younger children. It transforms a simple date tracker into a useful educational resource, infusing colour, creativity, and practicality into learning.

So, are you ready to make 2024 a year of colourful learning adventures in your classroom? Our printable 2024 calendar is here to help you do just that! Start your journey today with our 2024 calendar and embrace the new year with enthusiasm, creativity, and a splash of colour!

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Thanks as always for coming to see us, and see you soon.

The image shows a promotional graphic for an editable 2024 calendar for kids, featuring a colorful room setting with a calendar and a cute toy.

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