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Blended families: Between My Homes printable workbook #31daysofactivities

Blended families are becoming more and more common nowadays, which is why we have this fab little workbook for the next 31 days of activities article. The booklet is a fun way to help kids that move from house to house keep track of their lives and have some fun during those commutes. The workbook has been created by Step Into Parenting, a site for blended families and non-traditional families of all kinds, so do go check out her site.

Blended families

Between My Homes is a printable booklet with activities to keep the kids entertained and organised as they move between their two homes. Whether your kids split time between parents who have joint custody or they are spending their weekends with their non-resident parent this booklet will keep them entertained and organised between their homes.

Let’s take a look at the individual pages that the booklet contains, shall we?

Blended families: Between My Homes printable workbook

Between my houses maze

It can be difficult for kids to understand why they have to go to and fro. And though this worksheet doesn’t aim to explain it to the kids, it can help you normalise the travel if you sit down with them and discuss things more thoroughly. It’s also great to print out as and when for some quiet time in the car and to keep them entertained on the car rides.

Blended families travel between two houses

My blended family wordsearch

If your family is part of a blended family then normalising the verbiage is a very important part of your child’s acceptance to their way of life. In a simple way your child can see that mum and stepmum can coexist in the same space. Words are powerful and we hope that this sheet helps your kids be more familiar with what blended family life is like.

Blended families word search

Today we …

This sheet is a writing prompt, but serves a greater purpose. It allows your kids to be able to open up about how their day or weekend was and share it with the “other” parent or the parent they weren’t with.

Blended family printable workbook

As loving parents we may want to know everything our child did when they weren’t with us. From asking who they were with, how the day went, and so on, it is normal to be curious and protective. Unfortunately, and especially if the situation is precarious it can start infringing on boundaries between the child and their other parent and worse, it can make the child or children feel like their loyalties are being tested.

We thought it would be lovely to have a safe space for your kids to share and a way you can read about their weekend or day. This is also a great way for non-resident parents to help their kids discuss their day and make not of these lovely memories.

Don’t forget

Moving between houses also has a practical element that needs to be tended to which is why this quick page serves as a reminder of what was taken between one house and the other, what should stay, and what needs to go back.


Your to-do list can be used in many ways. If your kids are younger then you as parents can keep track of what they need to do at their other parents house. From school work, to any other notes of things that need to be done.

Blended families to do list

My life

This fun sheet allows your kids to share snippets about their life. This is a lovely way to look back on how your journey as a blended family has progressed, as well as helping your kids to keep a short diary.

This is lovely as this sheet can be written on, drawn on, or your kids can even stick photos in the boxes!

Blended families printable story

My family members

An extension of the previous sheet, this page helps open the dialogue about the members of their blended family. It can be used the same way by your kids writing, drawing, or sharing photos.

Parent chat

This last sheet is a bonus sheet for parents who are not on the best of terms. Unfortunately, it can be a reality for many blended families. This s

If you want to download this fantastic eBook resource to help chat through through your blended family with your children; click on the circular image below.

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