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Win Rainbow Blots book to help your children learn the rainbow colours

We published some gorgeous Rainbow Colouring Pages last week courtesy of Carlie Wright, the author of The Rainbow Blots. Today we are giving you the opportunity to win a copy. of this fantastic book for your kids. Help them to learn the colours of the rainbow in the right order with a book, a song and a smile!

Win Rainbow Blots book to help your children learn the rainbow colours

What is The Rainbow Blots about?

The Rainbow Blots is a beautifully illustrated children’s storybook, written to teach young children the colours of the rainbow, in the correct order.

Win Rainbow Blots book

Children’s books often shy away from teaching real rainbow colours, preferring to go with ‘pink’ and ‘purple.’ When Carlie Wright taught her children the correct colours, she came up with the idea for this charming book. She also composed a new rainbow song to reinforce the learning.

The book begins with Mummy Rainbow lowering down her Blots. The Rainbow Blots introduce themselves to the children and invite them to ‘turn the page and watch them play’. There is a double spread dedicated to each rainbow colour, featuring e.g. Orange Blot playing with a pumpkin, a carrot, a basketball and an orange teddy. The book is highly interactive with lots of opportunities for children to remember and recite the rainbow colours in order.

The Rainbow Blots have ‘a special trick that they can do.’ They can morph into different shapes so there are some fun pages where they have ‘turned into their favourite thing’.

Rainbow Blots book
Carlie Wright reading her book, The Rainbow Blots, with her daughter

The book teaches the connection between rain and sunshine, so Mummy Rainbow reappears after the Blots notice that ‘the sun is shining but it’s raining at the same time’. After praising her Blots, she lowers down her ladder again for the Blots to return home and go to bed. The last spread shows all the Blots asleep in their beds on Mummy Rainbow.

Carlie Wright’s rainbow song is called ‘Do You Know The Colours Of The Rainbow?’ The simple melody and rhyming phrases are catchy and easy for children to pick up quickly. You can watch an animated video of the song on her YouTube channel, with a keyboard/vocal track and featuring the characters from ‘The Rainbow Blots’.

Do You Know The Colours Of The Rainbow? (New Rainbow Song with The Rainbow Blots)

How to win The Rainbow Blots?

As always, there is a Gleam widget to fill in to enter this giveaway – why not check it out now. We have a few methods to win:

  • Following Carlie on Twitter (as well as KiddyCharts),
  • Sharing the giveaway on your social channels, with extra entries if people enter from the link that we provide,
  • Visiting the activities from the book, and telling us which one you like the most, and
  • Popping along to Carlie’s website to check her out.

Thanks so much for visiting us today. Here is the entry widget for you! Do feel free to share with the fabulous image below as well!

Win The Rainbow Blogs book: Written by Carlie Wright

The giveaway closes on Thursday 1st April at 11.59pm. We’d love to see you enter some of our other giveaways too, so do check them out.

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Thursday 1st of April 2021

Over The Rainbow sheet is lovely without being too intricate for Lil Peewee

Jessica R.

Thursday 1st of April 2021

My son is learning his colours right now, so this would be great for him!

lynn neal

Thursday 1st of April 2021

I would like to win for my grandson to help him learn his colours!

lynn neal

Thursday 1st of April 2021

I like the wordsearhes for helping with spellings!

Fiona jk42

Thursday 1st of April 2021

My favourite printable is the rainbow colouring sheet, which would help my granddaughter remember which colour is on the outer edge and which is on the inner, and all the colours in between.

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