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Unleash your bravery with Courage Out Loud activity sheets: Say no with confidence!

We are already into May, and so here is the Shelf Care book club activity sheets for the month for our brand new book, Courage Out Loud. Remember, if you join our book club you will get a copy of the eBook for free, as well as 10 chances to win the physical book, and other Shelf Care giveaways too from Zimpli Kids, LEGO, Readly and Playmobil. Members of our book club get a FREE 6-week trial to Readly as well on joining, plus free eBooks from That’s Okay.

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In this image, a lion is being used to illustrate the concept of bravery and courage, and the text encourages readers to think about other animals that can be brave and why.

What is Courage Out Loud all about

Calling all parents and teachers! This book is an absolute must-have in any home or school library. We’re excited to introduce “Poems Aloud and Smile Out Loud” creators’ new anthology – filled with 25 confidence-building poems that’ll empower children and remind them that their voice is incredibly powerful!

In this image, two people are celebrating the publication of a book of 25 poems by Joseph Coelho and Daniel Gray-Barnett.

These poem are crafted to ignite the imagination and inspire little minds. Get your hands on this collection today!

These are original poems for kids from multi-award-winning poet and Children’s Laureate, Joseph Coelho. He is offering his newest collection designed to instil self-confidence, improve public speaking skills, and develop self-belief.

This anthology features mantras that’ll help you stay true to yourself, elevate your mood, show courage, and make your day brighter.

The idea is that by reading these poems aloud, kids can learn to love verses and harness the strength of their own words!

If you join the club, you can join thousands of young readers at home and in classrooms to speak up and confidently assert your voice with Poems Aloud, Smile Out Loud, and this book–the power of your voice has never been this magical!

Let’s take a look at the Courage Out Loud activity sheets

As the demands of modern life continue to increase, it can be overwhelming for young people to navigate the challenges they face. Teaching children how to develop bravery and resilience is an important task, but it’s not always easy to know where to start.

That’s why Courage Out Loud is such a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and members of the Shelf Care Book Club. Our activity sheets are designed to complement Courage Out Loud, a book designed to empower preschoolers to find their inner strength through discovering their inner “brave” from saying “no” to doing things they might be a little scared of, like diving.

There are a total of 12 pages within this activity sheet pack – so plenty for the kids to get busy with. Hopefully while you find a little time to relax.

Each activity is engaging and promotes critical thinking through fun and creative exercises, such as writing prompts, and colouring. The first two pages are the front cover – where you can design your own version of the fabulous, bright and engaging book.

What kid doesn’t want to unleash the designer in them with these awesome illustrations from Joseph Coelho.

Exploring bravery and resilience: What does bravery look like?

We are sharing another colouring sheet from inside the book next, with a wonderful poem What does bravery look like? This explores the ideas of bravery through unusual objects, and encourages our kids to do the same. If you want to be inspired a little bit more – check out our movie quotes for kids while you are going through these sheets!

Thinking about what else might be brave in their lives in a different way. We then have a writing prompt to encourage them to explore this a little more.

Our next set of three sheets encourage further exploration of what is brave, and ask kids to draw what they thought was brave. We’ve then got a couple of solar system activity sheets because one of the elements within the poem is the shooting star. Perhaps he met some of these planets along the way?

We’ve now got a couple of sheets that are focused on the concept of bravery within the animal kingdom.

Explore a little more about what animals are brave – and perhaps even challenge some of the standard stereotypes. What is it about lions that make us think they are brave? What about some of the other animals that are smaller, and perhaps less traditionally thought of as brave? Have a think about that too?

We are then asking the children to draw and animal that they think might be brave – get them to think out of the box.

Could an ant be brave – for example – carrying something so much bigger than it is?

Is a mouse sometimes brave when it ventures into a domestic garden, and it does know if there is a cat there?

Let’s think a little differently about bravery, and what it really is?

Learning to say no…

Our final three sheets are about the poem Saying No which is a fantastic poem for kids to read aloud, and to use when they are faced with things that they don’t feel comfortable with.

This poem is about learning to say “no” to things, which can in turn empower us to feel more comfortable in ourselves so that we learn to say yes to the things that we do want to do.

It is a great way of starting to help children to develop boundaries at an early age. It is important to help our children to learn to understand who they are, and to have the confidence in themselves to say no to things they find difficult, or don’t want to do, Everything from a hug, to going to somewhere they find overwhelming.

We mustn’t forget that children have a right to be listened to, and their wishes matter. The more we listen to them and empathise, the more compassionate and kind they are likely to become.

…And not being afraid of it

The poem explains the power of saying “no”, and alongside this there are two writing prompt sheets to help children to think a little more about this. We are asking when you have said no, and felt brave for doing it? We are also looking a little deeper, and suggesting children (older ones really) think about when others have said No to them, and thinking a little about why that might have been.

Sometimes if we think with empathy why someone says know, it helps us understand and accept those Nos a little more.

To download these activity sheets – just click on the button or image below:

In this image, people are encouraged to colour in a lion and think of other animals that can be brave and why.

These Courage Out Loud activity sheets are an excellent resource for anyone wanting to teach young children about bravery and resilience. Each sheet is carefully designed to be imaginative, engaging, and age-appropriate. We hope that these creative sheets can help to support young people’s growth and development, and help them to build the skills they need to thrive. Saying no isn’t always easy, and neither is being brave, but they are essentials skill that helps us to grow stronger and more resilient with each passing day.

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In this image, a lion is being colored in to represent courage and bravery, and five poems from Paulo Coelho's book "Courage Out Loud" are being offered for download to help inspire children to be brave and resilient.

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