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Rock painting activity for kids #31daysofactivities

Jennie from Rice Cakes and Raisins brings us a rock painting activity for our #31daysofactivities event. This is a simple activity you can do with your kids but one that is so much fun. It will help them keep their imaginations going while working on their fine motor skills. Find out more!

Rock painting is so much fun for little ones. It encourages children use their imaginations, to express themselves creatively and also helps them to develop their fine motor skills. Rock painting is a cheap activity that will keep your children entertained for hours!

What Do You Need?

⦁ A number of smooth flat stones or rocks
⦁ Acrylic paint in an assortment of colours
⦁ Paintbrushes
⦁ A pot of water to wash the paintbrushes
⦁ Waterproof sealant. This is optional but it can help their creations to last longer.

Getting Started

There’s no wrong way to paint the rocks-even the tiniest children will enjoy mark-making with the paint. Older children will love adding detail, creating shapes, patterns, characters or animals for example. Adults can also get involved-you might find it surprisingly relaxing to create your own painted rock masterpieces!

⦁ Once you have gathered your supplies, simply wash your rocks and allow them to dry in the sun.
⦁ Sketch out your design with a pencil if required.
⦁ Begin adding the paint to your design.
⦁ Allow the paint to dry before you add detail over the top of the existing paint.
⦁ Once fully dried you can apply sealant to help your designs last longer.

Fun Ideas

There’s no limit on how creative children can be with their rock designs but if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration on themes, then these ideas are sure to keep them entertained!

Bugs and Insects~ Children will love painting different types of bugs and insects that can be found in the garden. Popular designs include ladybirds and butterflies. Once they have created their rocks, children will love taking part in a ‘bug hunt’. You can hide the rocks around the garden and then children can search for them. What fun!

Nature~ Creating nature designs on the rocks is a lovely option. Children can seek inspiration from the world around them to create nature inspired designs. They may choose to paint flowers, leaves, trees or birds for example.

Weather~ This is a great option for helping children to learn all about the weather. They can paint different types of weather including suns, clouds, rainclouds, lightening or snowflakes for example. A popular choice is to create a beautiful rainbow!

Easter designs~ Children can decorate their rocks to look like Easter eggs and then will adore setting off on an egg hunt to locate their painted rock eggs!

Flags~ Painting different flags onto the rocks is a great way of helping children to learn about the different flags of the world. Once they have created their designs you can play a fun game to see if they’ve remembered which flag is for which country.

Characters~ Children will love bringing to life some of their favourite characters from books and TV. The possibilities are endless!

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Rock painting is such a lovely activity for children to get involved in. They will have so much fun being creative and will love decorating the garden in their wonderful rock designs, making some treasured memories along the way!

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