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Gardening journal for kids: My seed journal

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Getting your kids out in the garden may not always be easy. Whether it´s the rubbish weather or being glued to devices we know it can be a struggle. That´s why one of the ways that we think you can get your kids outside is by getting them into gardening, and this gardening journal for kids is a great way to keep them on track and excited to be outdoors. Take a look at this free printable!

Gardening journal for kids: My seed journal

My seed journal

We like to show you what you will be getting before you print it out, so take a look at our gardening journal for kids.

My seed journal

The gardening journal for kids is a simple one page sheet that you can print out multiple times to make a seed journal for your kids to use to keep track of their different seeds and plants.

This is a simple but effective way to help keep them organised and encourage them to care for their seeds. And of course, a great incentive to get them into the garden as they will love the feeling of responsibility and seeing their seedling grow into a flower, herb, vegetable, or fruit.

Here’s what’s on our sheet and what your kids can track:

  • What they planted,
  • When they planted it,
  • A list of the plant care required, such as pest control,
  • When they need to water their plant,
  • How much sun their plant has gotten, and,
  • When they need to harvest their plant.

As you can see, it’s so simple but it is a great way to get the kids to be responsible for their seedlings and watching it grow. This is also a lovely activity to give kids a bit more responsibility as well as help them give their self-esteem a boost by being able to nurture something from a seedling into a living thing.

All in all, we recommend you getting your kids in the garden because they will learn so much!

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Kids seed journal

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Seed journal printable

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