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How to hold a beach Olympics with the kids #31daysofactivities

There’s another great post on the site thanks to Kara from ChelseaMamma for our #31daysofactivities event for you to have a fun outdoor activity. Find out how to hold a beach Olympics with the kids.

How to hold a beach Olympics with the kids #31daysofactivities

The weather is finally starting to look-up and now the days are longer, you can spend much more time outside with the kids. We were challenged by KiddyCharts to tell them about our favourite activity, and living by the sea here in Dorset, it just had to be the beach Olympics!

Beach Olympics is the perfect way get family and friends active, without having to break the bank. These fun and exciting games can be played on a variety of different type of beach, with a simple adaptation.

Sandcastle contest

A sandy beach is the ideal setting for this competition. Each team are provided with a bucket and spade and challenged to be as creative as possible and comb the beach for “treasure” to adorn their castle. Each team will score marks based on the creativity and presentation of their sandcastle.

Water bucket relay

Kids love relay races, and at the beach the water bucket relay is great fun. Give each child a plastic cup, spoon, bucket or large shell and have them run to the water, fill their carrying implement, and race to empty it in a large bucket, or fill up a hole in the sand that was dug earlier.

Beach hurdles

Mark out your course and get the kids creating mounds of sand to leap over. One the course is built………get ready, get set, go………who will be the winner?

Squirt ball

Kids can work together or compete against each other in this fun game. Give each child a beach ball and squirt gun or spray bottle and have them stand across a line drawn in the sand. Each child has to squirt their ball with all of their might to get it across another line down the beach. Run to the water’s edge to refill squirt guns if water runs out or to begin the game again.

Sand hopscotch

How to hold a beach Olympics with the kids #31daysofactivities

No equipment needed for this one – use a stick, rock or your finger and draw a grid on the sand and use rocks or shells for markers. If your beach is rocky, find a chalk rock and draw your grid on the floor.

Bocce ball

Bocce ball is so simple for all ages to learn and to play. A “jack” or target is thrown on the sand. Players then throw their rocks / stones or shells to see who can get closest to the target.

Rock stacks

For those who live on a shingle or rocky beach. Building stone stacks is great fun – who can build the tallest or most stable?

Beach treasure hunt

This one can be played anytime of the year and is most fun after a storm, when extra treasure’s are washed up on the beach.

Give each child a list (can be a written list or a list with pictures) and a bucket in which they can collect their treasures. Have the kids hunt for shells, rocks, feathers, crabs, something round, something blue, etc.

Create beach art

beach olympics with the kids

They have found their treasure, now challenge them to be as creative as possible and create their own sea themed picture.

How low can you go?

Who doesn’t like to dig a massive hole in the sand? Get your kids to see how deep they can dig a hole and when they’ve dug as far as they can, see if an adult can fit in the hole or see how long it takes to fill the hole with water.

Frisbee golf

This one is for a quiet beach and not in the middle of summer. Set up targets using items you brought to the beach and take turns trying to throw your frisbee as close to the target as you can.

Beach inflatables race

We all know that beach inflatables can be dangerous in the sea and people often get caught out by an off-shore wind. However, use them on the beach, sit astride them and race around a track you have created.

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