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Spring coloring pages: Featuring Little Brain Paint Sticks

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We are very pleased to be bringing you another lovely spring coloring pages designed by my 15 year old daughter. This set of spring colouring pages are all an ode to spring and we know that you will love them. If you don’t want a colouring sheet, or need a little bit of inspiration before you colour yours, we also have fully coloured in posters for you to print and enjoy too!

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Spring coloring Pages

In order to help bring in the season, we are celebrating and colouring these with Little Brian Paint Sticks; using both their Little Brian Giant Paint Stick with 30 Assorted Colours (RRP £19.99) and the Little Brain Paint Sticks Art Station (RRP £19.99).

Why not take a look at them both so you can join in with us too? It is so important to give yourself and the kids a bit of time out, and what better way than with our spring colouring sheets, and a little bit of creativity?

Springtime girl

There are SO many colours within the Little Brian Paint Sticks – we aren’t terribly sure where your little ones might start. We managed to create a lovely little spring time girl with the bright and bold sticks; what do you think?

Spring colouring pages

With 30 to choose from within the Little Brian Giant Paint Stick, and the easel within the Little Brian Paint Sticks Art Station offering a safe, mess free space to explore the colours, what’s not to like? We particularly loved the different palettes within the collection which includes 12 classics, 6 day-glow (or 80s neon if you prefer 😉 ), and our favourites, two metallic colours (silver and gold).

Spring colouring pages Little Brain Paint Sticks

In case you need a closer look at the spring colouring page we used, this beautiful image depicts a girl surrounded by beautiful flowers. You can colour this with your kids with your Little Brian Paint Sticks, and see how they each envision the scene. From the colours of the flowers to the decorating the girls dress. It’s all a matter of using your imagination.

After my daughter used the Little Brian Paint Sticks, we did a spot of digital colouring too, to give your children some ideas…..

olouring pages Little Brain Paint Sticks

Why don’t you scroll down to the circular image at the end of this article, and download the colouring sheets yourself and have a go?

Little Brain Paint Sticks Art Station

We really enjoyed using both the Little Brain Paint Sticks Art Station, and Giant Paint Stick. The art station made it easy to carry the supplies about safely, and the easel helped to create a safe, clean space for any artistic expression 😉.

We were particularly pleased that Little Brian Paint Sticks are made from recycled plastic. The simple way of pushing the paint up using a twist cap means that there is much less chance of getting paint all over everything. So much so that we set up the Art Station on the floor; complete with carpet!

Do be careful though – the Little Brian Paint Sticks are so quick and easy to set up that you might find your children are being cheeky when your back is turned and drawing slightly rude faces alongside your springtime flower theme…. 😂

Paint Sticks Art Station

We used these paint sticks with paper, and our colouring sheets. However, don’t forget that they are really flexible, and can be used on loads of different surfaces, for even more imaginative messy play ideas for the kids, including:

  • Tin foil,
  • Windows,
  • Mirrors,
  • Pebbles,
  • Leaves,
  • Card, Canvas and Wood.

Lots of different artistic techniques can be employed as well, from blending, to colour washing, dotting, stamping and scraping. Why not check out some of their tips and ideas on the Little Brain Paint Sticks website?

Welcome spring

Next up in our spring coloring pages, we have this beautiful sheet for you to welcome spring. I know we are all desperate to welcome spring back into our lives. So even though the days are still cold, why not welcome spring with a lovely bright poster? The colouring sheet is also available, so do print that out as well to make the design uniquely yours.

Again, we got the Little Brian Paint Sticks out to colour these sheets in to show you exactly what you can do with them with your little ones…..

Little Brain Paint Sticks

We tried to use all the colours we could in this one – it odes, after all, have a rainbow in it? We even made sure we spread out all the colours from the Little Brain Giant Paint Stick so we knew what we had to choose from….

The Little Brian Paint Sticks Art Station does also include a chalk board too, for more creative, but mess-free fun. There is a bright orange, funky board rubber included as well! The paint sticks and chalk included within the art station are smaller than those within the giant stick. This is great though, as it means that it is a lot easier. to pack up the art station and take it out with you, should you need to do so.

Let’s see what you can do with all of our colour sheets – just scroll down to the circular image to download.

Don’t forget to check out the Little Brian Paint Sticks if you also want to have a go at exploring what we have designed for you with these great, mess-free alternatives for your kids. Perfect to take out, and use on any surface pretty much – but also great for traditional colouring and play as well. The toys are both available at Argos:

Spring acronym

This lovely poster is an acronym to spring. Spring brings sunflowers, puddles, roses, insects, new flowers, and grass so we noted it all down in this lovely poster. The printable for you to colour in is right below so do have a look at both.

This set of spring coloring pages are all an ode to spring
ode to spring and we know that you will love them

Spring Coloring Pages: Spring time

Butterflies are reminiscent of spring. They have a way of reminding us of all the beauty that the season brings. One little butterfly seems to bring joy, hope, and smiles. The flowers within the butterfly are a bit like a mandala, aren’t they? They help you be mindful and keep you focused on each detail.

So, what do you think? As you can see these spring coloring pages are beautiful to print out and colour in or why not print out a coloured one and use it to decorate your home for spring? Either way, we know that you will enjoy them!

<< To get your free printables do click on the circular image below >>

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