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Moshi Monsters Series 11: Weegul
Moshi Monsters

Weegul, wobbling in on our final day!

It is here, our final day, after Freddie graced my blog , we now have the uber-cute, Weegul for you. This little fella is a very demanding wee guy, despite the rather cutesy appearances. He is a bit like a diva rock star, without the rock…if they don’t get their way then you will definitely […]

by Helen • August 29, 2014
Moshi Monsters Series 11: Freddie
Moshi Monsters

Freddie, delivering mail to you on day #2

I can’t believe that we are on day 15 of our countdown, which means we only have one more day to go before the wonderful giveaway, and launch day for all those stupendous Moshlings! Our kitchen was being commanded by Casey yesterday, and today we have a little help for the posties, with the rather pelican-like, Freddie. […]

by Helen • August 28, 2014
Monshi Monsters Series 11: Casey
Moshi Monsters

Casey, whispering and croaking into view at #3

Popov was dancing for joy on day 4 of our series 11 countdown, and today with only two more days to go, we have a froggy hopping onto the scene. Casey, our moshling frog, is in charge of some of the best kitchens in Monstro City. They make some of the most scrumptious dishes in the land, such […]

by Helen • August 27, 2014
Nishi Monsters Series 11: Popov
Moshi Monsters

Popov, getting their boogie on for #4

From Snuggy with his peculiar bobble hat that can charge his phone, to Popov, the moshling with the most amazing hat shaped hair that you are ever likely to see. These are ultra rare moshlings, that are forever showing off their amazing dancing to anyone that will watch, or happens to spot them. Their traditional Dinkinov […]

by Helen • August 26, 2014
Moshi Monsters Series 11: Snuggly
Moshi Monsters

Snuggy, cuddling his way into view for #5

Yesterday was Mitzi’s turn with her rather eccentric key, and today we have the delightfully cute and cuddly, Snuggy. These little fellas are just as odd though, and you need to be very careful, as deceptively these Cuddly Wibbles are actually full of electricity, and so could give you a nasty little shock if you get […]

by Helen • August 25, 2014
Moshi Monsters Series 11: Mitzi
Moshi Monsters

Mitzi, crawling along into day #6

After the cool Lips on Day 7, we have another treat in store for you today, with the amazingly cute, Mitzi, the Clockwork Crawly. This wee lady is terrible at mislaying her keys, which isn’t too clever considering it sticks out the top of her head, and is rather important for them. Without being wound […]

by Helen • August 24, 2014
Moshi Monsters Series 11: Lips
Moshi Monsters

Lips, freewheeling into the charts at #7

Our new moshling friend for day 7 is a little bit of a contrast to King Brian, Lips is a cool dude who likes nothing better than to travel about Moshi land on his skateboard, using that strange duck-billed platypus tail as a rather ingenious propeller. No-one can go quite so fast on their boards […]

by Helen • August 23, 2014
Moshi Monsters Series 11: King Brian
Moshi Monsters

King Brian, roaring into our countdown in at #8

From the sweetness of the prudish pud Plumpty, we now have the rather regal King Brian on our next day within the moshi series 11 countdown. Kind Brian is a rather dandy lion, or at least they think that they are. They are all convinced that they have regal heritage courtesy of being descended from […]

by Helen • August 22, 2014
Moshi Monsters Series 11: Plumpty
Moshi Monsters

Plumpty, proving far too proper for us all #9

As dithering as the dodos from Darwin were on day 10 of our series 11 countdown, Plumpty is as prudish. These proper puds turn their noses up at anything that is slightly strange or odd, so no idea what they are doing in Moshiland, do you? Their dislike of anything unusual is even more strange considering […]

by Helen • August 21, 2014
Moshi Monsters Series 11: Darwin
Moshi Monsters

Darwin, dithering about on day #10

Where Benedict was worried about cracking up on day 11, our friendly dithering dodo, Darwin, on day 10 isn’t really sure what to do; ever! Clearly, Darwin is named after the father of evolutionary theory, there the comparison seems to end, as these feathered friends are anything but intelligent, and can’t even come up with […]

by Helen • August 20, 2014