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Snuggy, cuddling his way into view for #5

Moshi Monsters Series 11: Snuggly

Yesterday was Mitzi’s turn with her rather eccentric key, and today we have the delightfully cute and cuddly, Snuggy. These little fellas are just as odd though, and you need to be very careful, as deceptively these Cuddly Wibbles are actually full of electricity, and so could give you a nasty little shock if you get too close to them. The fluffy, and fetching purple onesies that they wear are fully charged with static electricity so that they can heat up the rather clever little heaters in their bobble hats that enable them to charge their phones. Don’t get too close!

Habitat: They can be found hiding in sock drawers snuggling up to those warm pairs of socks, or gathering in Tribbledown, a wee hamlet near the Puzzle Palace

Likes: Fluffy snugglers, and hotel slippers as they really feel at home in their snuggly folds!

Dislikes: Sunbathing and dyed beards.

Snuggy is yet another cute Moshi from series 11, and we think that this time, they are definitely trying to get the cute-ness factor up high with their choices of moshlings. What will we see tomorrow?

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